Case Study: Ibis Budget Luton Airport

ParkingEye implemented a number of features to help guarantee a smooth car park process for the Ibis Budget Luton Airport hotel when it opened in 2017.


Ibis Budget Luton Airport hotel opened in 2017 as an affordable option for passengers flying in and out of the airport. It is a part of the Interstate Hotels group, who have partnered with ParkingEye for years.

Due to this existing national partnership, ParkingEye helped the hotel’s general manager Sherif Gad, create a smooth car park experience for all guests from day one.

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As a new site, Sherif set a number of targets for ParkingEye to help the hotel ensure a smooth-running parking process.

Smooth check-in/out process for guests

The Ibis Budget Luton Airport can get incredibly busy, visited by all manner of holidaymakers and business travellers. Therefore, the process of checking in and out needs to be as streamlined as can be.

One of ParkingEye’s main targets was to implement a process for guests to pay for their parking which reduced the strain on those working behind the reception.

More visitor-friendly options

The site is also visited by guests who simply want to use the car park. To support this, ParkingEye built a solution which accommodated a number of payment options for short-stay and long-stay guests.

Improve overall customer experience

“We’re in a people business; customer experience is our main priority and it’s really important for us,” says Sherif. “The main objective for the hotel was to improve the customer experience however we could – and that meant reviewing the security, revenue, and accessibility of our car park.”

Throughout the process of implementing the car parking system, the ParkingEye team had to consider the overall customer experience at every turn.

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The ParkingEye Solution

To help accommodate greater convenience for guests, the ParkingEye team set up two tablets in the reception area. Guests can use these tablets to organise and pay for their parking, streamlining the process and easing the impact on the reception team.

Sherif enthused: “ParkingEye’s technology has made it effortless for our guests to park their car and check in/out seamlessly; they also look great in the reception area!”

For guests who are making use of the car park, two dedicated payment machines have been installed, allowing for payment in both the car park itself and the hotel’s lobby. The increased choice for visitors has smoothed out the process while taking pressure off the busy reception team.

Sherif continued: “Visitors using the car park can now bypass reception altogether, instead they have multiple payment options with the freedom to pay however they choose – it’s been liberating.

“It’s definitely improved the customer service experience while helping us increase parking as a revenue generator.”

At the heart of all the technologies and processes implemented by ParkingEye was Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). This helps to streamline the process for guests and the hotel team, identifying cars by their number plates and automating the management of all parking spaces.

The ANPR system also helps improve the safety and security of the car park. With the footage provided by ANPR, the hotel knows exactly who is on site at any time, and police can request this footage to help with any investigations.

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The Benefits of Working with ParkingEye

A major benefit that the Ibis Budget Luton Hotel team have enjoyed is the increased revenue stream. Sherif explained:

“The more I work with ParkingEye, the more I understand the potential of parking as a valued resource and a way to maximise revenue. I find the ParkingEye processes and technologies to be absolutely fantastic, and they’ve changed my perspective completely. In terms of using the system and streamlining the way we operate, ParkingEye is ticking all of the boxes.”

ParkingEye have built a strong long-term relationship with Sherif and the wider team at Ibis Budget Luton Airport. Reinforced by dedicated account managers, ParkingEye are able to immediately handle any questions the Ibis Budget Luton Airport team have had with the day-to-day management of the system. Sherif is delighted with the frequent face-to-face contact they receive from ParkingEye: “Roughly once a month, a member of the ParkingEye team visits to test the terminals and payment machines to ensure systems and associated hardware are working correctly.”

Finally, Sherif has reserved praise for two account managers he found especially helpful: “Louise and Chris, in particular, are central to delivering an outstanding experience. Responsive, warm and brilliant to work with, their understanding of the business and ability to put themselves in our customers’ shoes is key.”

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