Car Park Management

What is car park management and why is it important?

What is car park management?

Car Park Management enables businesses, landlords and facility managers to take control of their car park(s). By implementing new technology landowners can understand their users better, prevent unauthorised parking or introduce automation to drive out operational cost. In addition to highlighting misuse such as double-parking or poor space discipline and greatly improve space availability to increase car throughput. Essentially, car park management allows businesses to take back control of their site, improve the user experience and monetise what is often an overlooked yet hugely valuable capital asset. Solutions are usually bespoke to each site and can be designed to be virtually hands-free for busy internal teams, giving them time back.

Car Park Management can help you enforce the rules on site, whilst providing a visual deterrent against vandalism and anti-social behaviour. Depending on the operational needs of each location, car park management can be delivered either by Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology (ANPR) cameras, a manned (ie; an attendant) solution, by physical infrastructure such as barriers, through virtual permit allocation, or a combination.

Good car park management reduces or eliminates misuse whilst maximising revenues that a car park generates. ANPR systems in particular enable parking areas to be frictionless (aka “free-flow”), greatly increasing access and movement around the site whilst removing barrier queues.

ANPR can also facilitate hassle-free parking with the provision of virtual permits, cashless payments, pre-booking services and auto-pay innovations like good2go which automatically deducts payment on exit for registered users, boosting revenues, space turnover (growing overall capacity) and footfall.

ParkingEye provides parking solutions that help landowners, firms, facility managers and managing agents dramatically increase parking compliance and space availability, as well as:

  • Greatly improving the income potential of your car park
  • Deterring anti-social behaviour and improving parking safety
  • Vastly decreasing the cash and time costs of operating your car park
  • Dramatically improving the customer experience
  • Improving site efficiency and traffic control on site
  • Providing access to rich ANPR data to aid decision-making and enable business growth


Why car park management is important?

Your car park is suffering from unauthorised users

Unauthorised parking at your site means that spaces are not available for the genuine customers who need them. For businesses, this can have a detrimental effect on revenue by penalising loyal customers who are not able to park, so taking their custom elsewhere. If your property management role includes the provision of parking for tenants, you may be failing to provide essential services against your contract of operations. If the facility you manage encompasses parking for medical or emergency purposes, or requires that disability spaces are provided, this can have serious repercussions should access/use be prevented or hindered in time-critical scenarios.

Unauthorised parking has negative consequences also for your surrounding area and businesses, and it’s likely to result in a large number of regular complaints if backlogs spill into surrounding routes. These take a lot of time to deal with when you need to focus your energy on your business.

Your car park offers a poor experience for your customers

Since the first point of contact a customer has with a place of business is often the car park, it’s important that their experience is as positive as possible. Customers struggling to find parking spaces or who find parking at your site stressful, may well go elsewhere in future so it’s crucial that the car park is treated as an essential customer touchpoint – a very important part of your brand journey.

ANPR technology helps to automate the parking process and so removes the hassle often associated with crowded, poorly organised sites. The more seamless your experience, the more positive the motorist perception. Next generation payment kiosks offer a 19” touchscreen with all the trimmings, from providing change to barcode scanners to redeem promotions on site.

Alternatively, offer your customers the easiest payment option of all with the ultra-convenient good2go. This clever app enables users to register their vehicle(s) in a matter of minutes, select the preferred payment option and simply drive in/out without worrying about how or where to pay. Instead, the ANPR system does all the hard work, automatically deducting payment on exit with an SMS to confirm what’s been deducted.

Integrating your parking area with innovations such as these provides a truly frictionless experience and massively drives up the revenue potential of your underused property asset. Plus, our automatic car park management solutions are hugely flexible to suit the way your site operates, and the data they provide is valuable in understanding user behaviours to identify where improvements can be made.

You’re looking to monetise your car park

The humble car park is a valuable capital asset which can yield serious revenues, leaving you to juggle other day-to-day concerns. ANPR provides a raft of accurate and automated payment options to introduce or improve paid parking on site.

Introduce a paid parking strategyA quick and easy way to create a margin-rich revenue stream, with the option to set a flexible tariff structure on site, a free max stay if that suits or permits for your most loyal customers or members. We offer a huge range of payment options from physical pay-on-foot kiosks which encompass solar powered, traditional and cashless systems, through to pre-book/pre-pay, auto-pay and virtual permits depending on your needs.

Rent empty spacesRent out unused space via platforms like Glyde Spaces which uses ANPR technology to track occupancy levels. If your car park now has lots of available space, depending on location it might be valuable to other types of user, such as other businesses or shoppers. By advertising these timeslots to motorists looking for available parking nearby, a business can transform its profitability using something they didn’t even realise they had. Some sites can generate thousands in additional revenue each year from unoccupied space, with zero admin.

Review payment ratios – Where parking tariffs are already in place, businesses may review payment rates – the proportion of people who compliantly pay for their parking. With ANPR, the system automatically logs every single vehicle entering your site and matches it to payments made either before/during their stay. Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust saw revenues rocket by 40% once ANPR was installed as the payment is far more automated and easier.

You need to reduce operational effort

The car park can become a real headache for internal teams and very often slips down the list of priorities in a busy day, week, year. Operational effort can come in many forms and sometimes, it’s hard to attribute it back to the car park but consider the time spent dealing with complaints from customers, fixing a temperamental barrier, managing site backlogs or the world of hassle often associated with on-site payments and permits.

ANPR can help give you time back by automating many manual processes such as lifting the barrier, allocating permits or trying to pull stats on who’s in the car park, when and for how long – with the aid of modern technology, these tasks are at the click of a button. By choosing ANPR, the day-to-day operations of the parking area are taken care of for you, and operating costs fall dramatically.

You need better visibility

Not only can the data generated from ANPR can be used to optimise flows around a car park, identify the most efficient locations for payment terminals and automatically operate entrance barriers but can also provide invaluable data on arrival/departure times, stay duration and customer/vehicle demographics. This information equips managers with detailed insights into how the car park is being used, as well as additional customer data to supplement existing systems.

Using ANPR data in this way can help to identify access issues and reduce impediments that cause queueing at busy times of the day. It promotes better facility decision-making which in turn drives fast space turnover and effectively expands the capacity of a car park by banishing overstays.

To learn more about the wealth of possibilities in using car park-derived ANPR data to intelligently manage your business growth, please see further information here.


Is car park management suitable for my business?

Your car park may be appropriately sized for your business premises, but unauthorised parking by off-site users could be strangling capacity, poor layout may be creating backlogs or outdated technology causing customer frustration. Perhaps antiquated entrance barriers are causing queueing delays, or they malfunction routinely thereby creating operational hassles as well as extra costs. Typically, ANPR technology can deliver both big operating cost reductions and greatly enhanced revenue generation for car parks of any size.

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