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Whether you are having issues with car park misuse or want to generate more revenue our team of experts is on hand to help. Our range of first-to-market, cost-neutral parking solutions can enhance any site, transforming your car park into a powerful and valuable asset.

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What is private car park management?

Car Park Management enables businesses, landlords and facility managers to take control of their car park(s). By adding new, cutting-edge, solutions to a site, landowners can better understand their users and how their site is performing, prevent unauthorised parking on their private land or introduce services to drive out operational costs.

Car park management can:

  • Highlight abuse on your car park – including double-parking, bay abuse and poor space discipline
  • Improve space availability to increase throughput
  • Drive additional traffic to your business – boosting footfall
  • Boost revenue through better payment options
  • Transform your user experience making life easier for staff, visitors and customers


The solutions put in place need to be flexible. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to effective car park management. By taking a bespoke approach each site can be designed to be virtually hands-free, giving time back to busy internal teams.

Car Park Management can help you enforce the rules on site while providing a visual deterrent against vandalism and anti-social behaviour. Depending on the operational needs of each location, rules can be enforced through Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology (ANPR) cameras, a manned solution, physical infrastructure such as barriers, virtual permit allocation, or a combination of solutions tailored to combat the specific issues on your car park.


Car park management success stories

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Wye Valley Visitor Centre

Beset by misuse and abuse that affected capacity for paying customers, Parkingeye helped this popular tourist attraction make the most...

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Manchester nhs trust building

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Next-generation parking technology liberates one of the UK's largest acute Trusts, transforming revenues and eradicating visitor complaints.

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Why car park management is important?

Managing your car park effectively is important to its continued success. There are several reasons to take an active role in improving your parking, including:

Your car park is suffering from unauthorised users

Abuse of your car park means that there is less space for your genuine customers. Restricting access to your car park can be detrimental to revenue, as customers who are unable to park go elsewhere.

The only people who benefit from your car park being abused are your competition.

Your car park being misused can create a raft of issues:

  • If you manage parking for tenants, you could be failing to provide essential services listed in your contract of operations.
  • For sites in a medical setting, issues on-site can have severe repercussions putting patient and visitor safety at risk, especially if access is an issue during critical times.
  • Restricted revenue can impact your bottom line and hinder the growth and development of a business.
  • Issues around your priority spaces, such as Blue Badge, EV Charging and Parent & Child bays, hinder accessibility, restrict revenue and drive complaints.

Problems on a car park can spill into surrounding areas if left unchecked. Car park management helps keep your parking self-contained, eliminating issues that could otherwise impact the homes, businesses, and people around your site. Eliminating these major sources of complaints gives time back to your team, letting them stay focused on supporting people.


Your car park offers a poor experience for your customers

Since the first point of contact a customer has with a place of business is often the car park, it’s important that their experience is as positive as possible.

ANPR technology can enable a range of services that improve the user experience for anyone visiting your car park. From easy-to-use permits to enable better staff parking and flexible payment options to improve payment rates, to protected priority spaces and EV charging.


You’re looking to monetise your car park

The humble car park is a valuable capital asset which, when working to its full potential, can yield serious revenues. ANPR provides a raft of accurate and automated payment options to introduce or improve paid parking on site.

  • Introduce a paid parking strategy – A quick and easy way to create a margin-rich revenue stream, with the option to set a flexible tariff structure on site. We offer a huge range of payment options from physical pay-on-foot kiosks through to pre-book/pre-pay, auto-pay and virtual permits depending on your needs.
  • Rent empty spaces – Parkingeye can work with you to rent out unused space in your car park using ANPR technology to track occupancy levels.
  • Improve efficiency – Automation can transform a site, reducing operational headaches to leave you with more time free to focus on other important work.
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Is your site ready for ANPR?

Whilst ANPR is incredibly flexible, it’s not for everybody. By answering a few quick questions, we can confirm whether your site will suit ANPR technology.

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