Ethical Parking

As the UK’s largest car park management provider, we see the whole spectrum of car park abuse, from businesses struggling to accommodate legitimate customers to healthcare sites dealing with anti-social behaviour.

Whatever sector your business exists within, we know that at some point, problems on your car park will need to be solved and that enforcement is the best way to eliminate and deter future issues.

Nobody likes to be told they’ve made a mistake or broken a rule, so how do we ensure that we’re tackling enforcement in the best way possible?

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Why Enforcement Matters

Rules are put in place on car parks to make their use better for the motorists who are supposed to be there.

Abuse on a car park can restrict access, making it difficult for people to reach the services they need. Whether in a commercial, educational, or healthcare setting, these problems can have a severe impact.

Enforcement works to deter these problem parking behaviours whilst protecting the interests of the sites a car park is associated with; however, for enforcement to work, it needs to be accurate and fair. This is why we have such a strong focus on providing ethical parking.


A Fair & Ethical Approach

We use ANPR to track vehicles on car parks, which allows us to identify vehicles on a site. In the event of these vehicles breaking the rules in place on a site, a parking charge is issued.

However, because fairness and accuracy are important to us, we have processes in place to ensure that every parking charge that is issued should be. Ethical parking means we have a multi-point check on every potential contravention of the rules, which allows us to be confident that we are sending out a parking charge to the right person and under the right circumstances.

There are a few things that ANPR doesn’t show, which is why there’s an appeals system in place too. Think of this as a safety net for motorists. Protecting them from charges that may have been issued, through some error or when there have been mitigating circumstances.

We highlight this process to people, directing them to POPLA, the current industry ombudsman, who can assess an appeal and then either uphold or overturn the decision made by a car park operator. We have an 87% upheld rate with POPLA, which is a testament to our dedication to fairness and accuracy first time round.


In-line With Legislation

The parking industry has a reputation for being a bit of a lawless place, with some providers doing and charging what they like and putting confusing rules in place on car parks. The government have been actively trying to remedy this by putting a ratified, legal code of conduct in place. As an industry leader, we lead by example, providing ethical parking. We have been monitoring and working closely with governing bodies to support this where we can.

This is an iterative process, where everything is being carefully considered and revised. To stay up to date on what’s happening with car parks or to learn more about how legislation changes could impact your site, sign up for updates below.


To find out more about our ethical approach to parking, speak to a member of our team today…

Whatever problems you’re having with your car park, whether it’s a design fault, issues with abuse or a loss of revenue, get in touch with us today; we’d be more than happy to chat with a potential client, regardless of the sector that they’re in.

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