What makes ParkEV tick?

We use a combination of the latest EV charging technology and ANPR to create a charging station that not only provides fast, reliable charging but ensures that each of our EV bays is protected and kept free of abuse.

ParkEV is the combination of powerful EV charging and Parkingeye’s experience with enforcement, creating a new solution that allows businesses to invest in their EV infrastructure and protect their dedicated charging bays.

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Why EV enforcement is important

EV charging is a huge undertaking for a car park, one that changes how your site is used and how visitors to your car park can interact with your business. Building an EV infrastructure in the UK isn’t an easy feat, and it’s important that whatever your car park utilises to add to that growing EV charging network is readily available and free of abuse.

That’s where ParkEV comes in.

Through patented technology that allows us to build ANPR and enforcement into your charging unit or add it to an existing set-up through our unique monitoring bollard, we are able to help you provide effective EV charging while also taking steps to protect your dedicated EV charging spaces.

This allows us to eliminate abuse, ensuring your spaces are only used by EV drivers looking to recharge. Protecting bays in this way ensures that your charging bays are constantly available for those who need them and ready to help your site access new revenue streams.

  • Multiple charging options

    Your car park, and therefore your charging needs, will be unique. We have a number of charging options available to help tailor your charging set-up to exactly what your site requires.
  • Ease range anxiety

    Finding an available charger while on a trip can be frustrating and anxiety inducing. ParkEV helps you provide reassurance to visitors to your site, letting them know that chargers are going to be available and working.
  • Develop infrastructure

    The UK needs to take major steps to improve its EV infrastructure and car parks are going to be an integral part of this. ParkEV allows you to make sure you contribution to the UK’s switch to EV is an effective one.
  • Ensure reliability

    We monitor our chargers 24/7, meaning we’re able to assess and diagnose issues quickly. Coupled with Parkingeye’s market leading service SLAs you get increased peace of mind when it comes to making sure your chargers are active and working properly.
  • Innovative tech & proven experience

    EV might be a whole new realm for your business but coupled with Parkingeye’s experience with enforcement and car park management we can support your site throughout your car park’s evolution and beyond.

What keeps ParkEV running behind the scenes?

ParkEV is more than the charging unit. There are several elements in the background that empower our services and help us better support your car park. On top of this, the ParkEV solution is backed by our expert team of nearly 400 dedicated car park management specialists.

Data insight

ParkEV is driven by data. We’re able to leverage Parkingeye’s powerful data and insight portal to help businesses understand their capacity for EV charging and gauge the initial demand for it on their car park. ANPR allows us to track the fuel types of vehicles using a site, from petrol and diesel engines to hybrids and fully electric. Over time we’re able to chart trends on a site, such as an increasing number of electric vehicles. Tracking trends allows us to identify the best time for a site to consider investing in electric charging as well as the number of chargers they will need to meet current and projected demand.

24/7 Monitoring

Our charging bays are monitored 24/7, which means that any drops in performance or potential issues are identified quickly and taken care of before they become an issue for any visitors on your car park.

One of the major concerns motorists have about electric vehicles is that the chargers won’t be working when they arrive at a destination. In fact, 1 in 10 EV charging stations in the UK, are believed to not work, we want to put this right, providing a reliable charging solution for visitors to your site.