First-class ANPR cameras

At Parkingeye, we continuously and carefully assess the camera technology we use, sourcing only the best-in-class equipment from leading, pioneering, reputable providers. This helps us ensure that we are always offering the best possible solutions to our clients.

We are always on the lookout for cutting-edge innovation and new technology to help us deliver more efficient and effective solutions. This is why we use the VREO Edge camera, its low profile and power consumption, coupled with permanent IR mode helped it stand out in extensive testing against competing systems.

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  • Strong visual deterrent against antisocial behaviour
  • Accurately record vehicle registrations
  • Protect your site against abuse
  • Enable flexible and powerful payment tools
  • Boost revenue
  • Enable pre-booking, autopay and more
  • Generate important data and insight

How does ANPR work?

Is your site ready for ANPR?

Whilst ANPR is incredibly flexible, it’s not for everybody. By answering a few quick questions, we can confirm whether your site will suit ANPR technology.

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Our ANPR cameras are backed by….




increased space turnover


pieces of data

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