3-1-5 Health Club

An award-winning gym and health club in the Northwest was struggling with abuse of their dedicated Blue Badge spaces.


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Parkingeye were tasked with giving the site more control over their priority parking and ensuring that 3-1-5 Health Club’s members could park in the places that were of the most benefit to them. By adding Bay Management to the site, we have created a strong visual deterrent against abuse, restored accessibility and given the client more control over their car park without any extra admin or stress.


“Even just installing the signs and bollards before they were switched on reduced the abuse straight away.”



Stress free management and maximum control

Bay Management allows businesses to retake control of their priority parking spaces and deter motorists from parking where they shouldn’t. This helps to remove confrontation, reduces the time staff have to spend dealing with complaints and ensures everyone can use the site as intended.

Using ANPR we can monitor individual spaces and protect key areas of a car park, enhancing the overall experience for staff, visitors, and customers alike.


Immediate impact

The Monitoring Bollard alone is enough to deter misuse of a site.

By adding the bollard to a space, you immediately highlight to people on the car park that the space is being watched and protected. Deterring abuse.

Unparalleled flexibility

As with all Parkingeye’s solutions, our client remains in total control of their car park. Allowing them to adapt to changing needs or make exceptions to their car park management for different events.

We understand that businesses need to be able to maintain a certain level of flexibility, which is why we work closely with every client through our expert Account Management teams to make sure their solutions are always doing what they need them to.

This means being able to pause monitoring, accommodate special events, or even switch the solution off for a period.

  • It took the management out of our hands, Parkingeye do all the work. Once we agreed arrangements for the site and the only admin was adding future exceptions to the whitelist as new members with Blue Badges joined the club. We like being able to cancel PCN’s for genuine mistakes. Being a private health club, our Customer Service has to be second to none. We are doing this for the benefit of our members so they can get a parking space, rather than providing spaces for non-members. It was important members got the best out of it they could, and I believe they have.

    Sarah Dack McGuiness,

    3-1-5 Health Club

    Download: 3-1-5 Health Club Case Study

    An award-winning gym and health club in the Northwest was struggling with abuse of their dedicated Blue Badge spaces.


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