Top car park challenges

60% of people in the UK now own a car – a number which increases every day. This growth continues to place significant pressure on existing car parking spaces and the teams who manage them.

A packed car park viewed from above
A packed car park viewed from above

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Challenging Experience

A whopping 39 million journeys occur every single day, each requiring the use of a parking space at some point. No matter how large or organised the site, this creates huge pressure on sites and their internal teams, already busy juggling a host of other duties. Whether you’re trying to tackle unauthorised users, deal with parking complaints, looking for ways to generate more revenue or simply want to provide a better, smoother experience for your visitors – we can help.

Reduce abuse

For busy in-house teams juggling security, complaints and possibly parking payments, operating a car park can be a real pain. Unauthorised vehicles parking on your site can place serious strain on internal teams, effecting customer experience and a potential loss of revenue…

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Customer experience

First-class customer experience at your premises begins the moment your customers enter the car park, with final impressions made as they drive out – no matter how hard your team has worked in-between. Complaints obviously take time to manage but more than that, can really hurt your reputation…

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Generate Revenue

Car parks are often overlooked as a revenue generator but there are numerous ways in which to reduce costs and increase revenues by up to double using ANPR technology, from sensor lighting and automated number plate recognition, to subcontracting spaces for weekends and large events.

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