Unauthorised users

For busy in-house teams juggling security, complaints and possibly parking payments, operating a car park can be a real pain. Unauthorised vehicles parking on your site can place serious strain on internal teams, effecting customer experience and causing a potential loss of revenue.

There are multiple ways to solve issues on your car park, finding the right blend of car park management solutions can help you to prevent abuse, misuse and unauthorised users.

Blurred view of cars driving down the road
Blurred view of cars driving down the road

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Bay management

Our pioneering, first-of-its-kind Bay Management solution helps you to protect crucial areas on your car park. Whether that’s EV charging bays, Blue Badge pays, or parent & child spaces – we can help you add ANPR to specific spaces, keeping them free from abuse and ready for the people who actually need them.

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Some businesses need to provide greater control over who can and can’t access their car park. Permits are a fantastic way to do this, from establishing staff parking to providing an attractive benefit to specific groups like students or gym members. Our powerful, cloud-based permit system helps your business to introduce a paperless permit to your visitors without an overwhelming admin burden.

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Streamlined payments

Abuse on your site can be stopped by having the right services in place. That includes giving visitors access to the right ways to pay for their parking. This flexibility can increase payment compliance, reduce queues, boost revenue and eliminate people not paying for their stay.

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How can ANPR help reduce abuse

ANPR delivers the perfect balance of reliability, durability and accuracy. Using ANPR cameras to log every single vehicle entering your site, not only can we track who’s on your site at any point in time but can also see if the motorist has paid for parking. Anyone leaving without paying or an unauthorised user will be issued with a parking charge, reducing abuse quickly.

Ethical enforcement

We already manage thousands of sites across the UK and have a highly efficient enforcement team, back-office process and market-leading systems which handle a whopping 2 million pieces of data every single day. Each case goes through a 21-step audit and checking process prior to issuing any parking charge or Warning Notice to make sure it’s correct.

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Proven appeals process

Our appeals process has been optimised through our 20 years of experience in car park management, which is why we retain the highest upheld rate with POPLA (our industry ombudsman) of any of the major car park management operators. This means your site is in safe hands, our expert teams are trained to help protect your brand reputation, and in the case of healthcare sites we have specially trained appeals teams to help manage claims from motorists who need help due to extenuating circumstances.

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Impressive results

We’re working with businesses up and down the country to stamp out unauthorised parking. In fact, on average our customers see an 80% improvement in parking compliance over the first 3 months of our solutions being live. This creates much more space for customers and makes their car parks easier to visit, lifting footfall and boosting revenue.

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  • We had an issue with space availability which was compounded by non-customers using the site and some poor parking practices. The Parkingeye team transformed the site in a matter of weeks with minimum fuss - congestion is a thing of the past, there's adequate space for hungry customers and complaints are non-existent. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

    Josh Reeve, Business Manager


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