Complete Car Park Management

We've embraced new technologies and solutions to help the businesses we work with understand users better, protect spaces, reduce abuse, boost revenue, improve accessibility and streamline services. We can use our years of expertise and powerful solutions to create the perfect blend of solutions for your site.

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Brochure - Parking Solutions

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Product Brochure

Product Brochure

We are market leaders for a reason. There are roughly 33 million cars on the UK's roads. Over a 6 month period we see 30 million of these cars across our 4000 car parks.

Parkingeye Supermarkets Guide

How can car parks support customers?

Supermarket car parks are some of the busiest in the UK. Millions of people use them each week when they shop, and businesses rely on them to support their customer experience and access to their services.

Parkingeye Retail Brochure

Retail Brochure

Retailers thrive when their customers arrive in the mood to spend money. Making their first interactions with a business as stress-free as possible, coupled with a great experience in-store can work wonders for building customer loyalty, encouraging repeat visits and...