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With our expert knowledge, we’ve helped managing agents dramatically improve throughput and revenue across hundreds of sites.

As specialists in multi-tenanted sites and through working closely with the likes of Savills, JLL, Workman, and CBRE, we understand the role car park management can play in a successful site. This spans everything from efficient site operation and customer experience, all the way through to dealing with day-to-day parking issues so your tenants are free to concentrate on other duties and using trend analysis to attract new tenants or support planning applications.

Effective car park management can benefit Managing Agents in three core areas.

Yellow Car parked in a parking space
Yellow Car parked in a parking space

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Effective car park management can benefit Managing Agents in three core areas

Facilitating successful sites for Managing Agents

With thousands of retail sites across the UK, our expert team can support you in fast-tracking a new site in as little as 3-4 weeks with minimum fuss. Our tailored, flexible solutions are ideal for creating free flow, high throughput environments with access to market-leading analytics and a range of revenue-generating tools. This, coupled with an efficient, super-easy back-office process means we are perfectly positioned to support the managing agent community, whether you’re overseeing sites with a handful of tenants or responsible for a huge portfolio.

Driving footfall for tenants

For retailed-focussed tenants, a seamless car park layout can help generate greater footfall and, subsequently, improve the profitability of their business. Our range of clever revenue generators can also be used to increase further custom, including a new loyalty app which uses ANPR technology to push live promotions/offers to drivers as they enter the car park – promoting tenant business but with many businesses reporting longer duration times too. And, of course, a happy tenant is exactly what a managing agent needs.

Improved site experience

Parkingeye tailor the requirements of each site to the agent, the tenant and any visitors – providing a solution which benefits everyone. The creation of a seamless parking experience has the power to provide an admin-free, highly-productive site for managing agents, strong footfall with good turnover for tenants and entirely frictionless parking for customers. Through a range of smart-city services, such as next-generation payment kiosks (including a 19” touchscreen) which are used by some of the UK’s largest supermarkets and pre-pay/pre-book capability, we offer the technology and scale to handle over 25m vehicle reads every single week.

A range of services to help you thrive

Tailored to suit the requirements of each site, Parkingeye’s market-leading solutions feature the following:

  • A mix of different payment options
  • A range of tariff, max-stay and grace periods
  • Permit management
  • Whitelist capabilities
  • ANPR enforcement and manned attendants
  • Data analytics to identify peak times
  • In-depth user throughput and loyalty reporting
  • Plus, full parking enforcement to eradicate abuse by unauthorised users and management of the appeals process, with the highest upheld rate of the major operators with POPLA (the independent ombudsman).

Unlock the power of ANPR data

ANPR cameras do so much more than power enforcement solutions within a parking site. They are a gateway to a range of services and provide your business with an abundance of rich data relating to performance insight and behavioural information.

That data, when leveraged effectively, can be transformative. Not only by tracking the performance of your estate but by providing the ability to make informed decisions about the route your parking management should take.

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#01 Pre-Booking Sevices

Could ANPR data highlight a new margin-rich revenue stream?

Turn underutilised parking spaces into revenue. If your car park stands empty during the weekend or isn’t busy across the evening, there could be an opportunity to monetise those spaces by allowing motorists to pre-book them. This service helps entice motorists and potential customers to locations they otherwise may never visit with the cost of pre-booking a parking space providing your business with additional margin-rich revenue.


#02 Understanding the power of your data

Data permeates so much of the world around us.

Through our ANPR systems, we have the capacity to process 4 million pieces of data every single day, and over 1.5 billion pieces of data each year. As one of the UK’s leading operators who looks after almost 4,000 sites for over 600 clients spanning virtually every sector, we know how to handle big data.

Data, when used properly, can be leveraged to offer a real tactical advantage to a business. Your car park is such a rich source of information, and you might not even realise it. This is where many of your customers start their interaction with your business – not when they walk through the door, but when they pull up outside.


Nationwide parking experience

Our extensive car park network covers all regions of the UK across a range of sectors. Using performance measures gleaned from a database of incredible depth and history, we’re able to offer benchmark comparisons on how each site performs within your industry, providing valuable insight into site-by-site/portfolio level user behaviours – such as peak times and footfall data which can provide a series of opportunities for managing agents to take advantage of:

  • Bespoke promotional activity for individual sites
  • Optimised opening times to support business peaks, and protect against misuse
  • Easy-payment solutions to encourage repeat visits
  • Increased and protected revenue streams
  • An eye for detail which supports the entire customer journey – from entering the site to exiting

Put simply, we’re able to offer a solution that is cost-effective, innovative and designed to generate more income, which in turn boosts the value of any given site.


Car Park Management for Managing Agents

Since 2004 Parkingeye has been a market leading, pioneering provider of everything businesses need to take control of their parking. From ANPR, paid parking and cashless solutions to EV and Bay Management. Our solutions empower the businesses we work with, giving them the capability to capitalise on, and effortlessly manage, their parking.


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