A sustainable approach to parking

Businesses need to do everything they can to support the environment and take steps to be greener and more sustainable.

Parkingeye is no exception. With our business being focused on car parks and supporting our clients and their goals, we need to take every step we can to reduce emissions and build a comprehensive Net Zero strategy.

Aerial view of parking area offering parking solutions
Aerial view of parking area offering parking solutions

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

We’re aiming to reach Net Zero by 2050; this will be a long-term strategic endeavour that touches every aspect of our business. From how we power our offices and travel, to choices of packaging and encouraging greener ways of thinking from our staff, there are a multitude of different initiatives we need to undertake to reduce our carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse gas emissions fall into three distinct areas referred to as scopes

Scope 1: direct emissions arising from operations within a company’s direct control, including natural gas, onsite fuels, and vehicles owned or operated by the company.

Scope 2: emissions consist of those generated indirectly by the company, during the generation of purchased electricity, heat, or steam utilised by the company.

Scope 3: emissions derive from activities beyond the company’s direct operational control, resulting as a by-product of its operations.

We have measured our emissions and can show that we are already aware of the impact of our business across Scope 1, 2 and 3. The biggest area for reduction and focus is within Scope 3 emissions.

  Reporting Year Percentage Change from 2019 to 2021
2019 2021
Scope 1 Emissions (tCO2e) 644.48 423.37 -34.31%
Scope 2 Emissions (tCO2e) 79.27 77.86 -1.78%
Scope 3 Emissions (tCO2e) 9,276.51 5,405.50 -41.73%
Total Emissions (tCO2e) 10,000.25 5,906.72 -40.93%

To support our clients we already have a significant number of initiatives that we are deploying to tackle our carbon footprint and that of the communities in which our clients are located.

Parking Solutions

  • Repurposing underutilised parking spaces into bike hire, storage and/or servicing pods to encourage a multi-modal approach.
  • Supporting sustainable transportation by introducing our clients to companies looking for spare parking capacity for rental cars in the local area rather than at airports and train stations – reducing travel distances as well as attracting new customers to your business, with the potential for new revenue streams.
  • Functionality which enables ‘green permits’ and prioritises allocation.
  • A range of fully paperless payment solutions.

Equipment and Hardware

  • Electric Vehicle Charge Points as a Charge Point Operator.
  • On our roadmap is dynamic pricing based on emissions – vehicle fuel data from your site allows you to offer different tariffs for varying fuel types, such as free parking for electric vehicles.
  • Utilising Bay Management technology to reserve base for car share schemes.
  • We have a 95% Right First Time KPI on installations and maintenance thereby reducing travel time and emissions of our fleet/field-based operatives.
  • Our service levels require us to remotely fix a minimum of 75% of faults detected to reduce travel.
  • Disposal of any equipment is done in line with our environmental pledges, and we use recycling schemes where possible so that the materials have a 2nd generation lifespan.
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