EV Chargers

Adding EV chargers to your car park can transform how your business performs. From healthcare sites to retail outlets or motorway services, providing charging infrastructure not only makes your site a more attractive destination for EV drivers but also allows you to access whole new revenue streams that can transform your business’s bottom line.

Through our Park EV solution, we provide a range of chargers to suit any car park, all protected by our revolutionary Bay Management technology. This ensures your chargers are kept clear of misuse and ready when your visitors need them.

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How better payments support your business:

1 Enable new revenue streams

2 Protect your chargers with pioneering new technology

3 Develop your EV infrastructure

4 Support your environmental goals

5 Create a charging destination to increase visitors and footfall


Option 1: AC Charger

  • Available as 7.4 and 22KW chargers
  • Single and three-phase versions
  • Bay Management built into the charger
  • Can be added to an existing electricity supply

Option 2: DC Charger

  • Available as 50, 90, 120 and 180KW chargers
  • Can charge a single vehicle, or two vehicles simultaneously
  • Protected by our monitoring bollard
  • Enables fast and rapid charging

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