Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Next-generation parking technology liberates one of the UK’s largest acute Trusts, transforming revenues and eradicating visitor complaints.

Manchester nhs trust building
Manchester nhs trust building

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About Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest acute Trusts in the UK, employing more than 20,000 staff.

With nine hospitals across six separate sites, it’s also the main provider of hospital care to approximately 750,000 people in Manchester and Trafford, offering support from children’s dialysis to out-patient dental care. Thousands of patients travel from across the UK, making it the single biggest provider of specialised services in the North West of England.

Car Parking and Security Manager, Tom Higgins, talks us through the problems its facilities faced, along with how Parkingeye helped the Trust to improve the issues that were affecting them.



Patients already apprehensive of attending appointments found a stressful situation made worse by not being able to park. Many of the car parking spaces were being used by staff, which was then further compounded by huge queues being caused by a barrier system.

The car parking situation was, in short, causing very serious problems for the Trust and risked impacting negatively on its reputation.

The aforementioned barrier was slow, unresponsive, and frequently broke down. At first, Tom was hesitant about moving from that system. He explains:

“I loved the barrier system. It was tangible. I could see it. It felt like I was in control when the opposite was true.” 

“The level of visitor complaints drove us to action – we needed the car park to be a quick and easy transition to where they had to get to. There’s a tendency within the industry to see barriers as the best option for the car park, something many sites provide. However, any fears I held around embracing a new way of managing the sites proved to be unfounded, in the capable hands of Parkingeye.”

The Parkingeye Solution

We installed a free-flowing ANPR solution, enabling a more seamless journey to what is the most important part of their day: their visit to the Trust. This has allowed for 50,000 additional cars to use its facilities. The re-organisation of the facility has allowed for better space availability and increased throughput, which has led to far more parkers as a result.

The Benefits of Working with Parkingeye

“The Parkingeye team have a real personal touch and their professional support contributes to first impressions of the entire Trust.

“I work with suppliers every day who say one thing but don’t deliver on their promises. Parkingeye are professional, helpful and honest. They’re more than a provider; they’re a true long-term partner and work collaboratively to resolve any issue that may arise around the clock. Each complaint goes through a rigorous appeals process to ensure that, when extenuating circumstances do apply, these are considered and a resolution is found based on the evidence of the case. They are flexible and adaptable to our needs – essential when working within a changeable Trust environment.

“The team places customer experience above all else, even flagging issues that fall outside their remit. For example, informing us of broken lights in our car parks to make the environment better and safer for visitors.

“They really kept their promises, from a seamless implementation delivered on time, to helping us educate visitors, staff and suppliers of the changes. They did everything they said they would and continue to impress.”

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  • We were looking for a partner who would understand the sensitivity of what we deal with daily. Parkingeye understand the need to be flexible and move with the changing needs of the hospital. I didn’t want someone who would put in the system and walk away. Parkingeye have adapted to everything we’ve thrown at them.

    Tom Higgins, Car Parking and Security Manager

    Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

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