Reporting & Data Services

Your car park is home to an abundance of data that can be leveraged to help your business thrive and develop.

The insights that can be gained from your parking data can help guide business decisions, chart performance and provide detailed forecasting that can help your business to capitalise on opportunities and better understand customers.

To help businesses make better use of the data unlocked by their parking solutions, we provide a wealth of data and supporting services.

An iPad displaying data and figures
An iPad displaying data and figures

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Our Reporting & Data Services

Understanding your data falls into three main areas:


The ANPR cameras on your site can help you to truly understand your customers and identify opportunities for growth and evolution. Why not take the data gleaned from your ANPR cameras and make it work to your advantage.

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Customer Portal

Your data is easily accessed, alongside a host of other features through our customer portal. This tool can help you to track performance, monitor data and effectively oversee the management of your car parking sites.

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Bespoke Reporting

Your data provides points of comparison and tracks performance over time. Our data platform enables you to generate reports to chart progress, guide decisions and identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

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Understand the power of your data


Understanding the power of your data

The data you can gather from your car park is a powerful ally. When understood and leveraged properly data can be a tool that helps you make informed decisions and track the performance of the measures you have in place on-site.

From identifying potential causes of parking abuse to tracking the revenue generated by your different payment options, your car park holds a wealth of data that can help you plot the changes you need to make to optimise how your car park performs.

Your data can provide insight into:

  • Car park usage analysis
  • Heat maps of popular times and dates
  • Capacity and utilisation
  • Month-to-month/day-to-day/year-to-year performance comparisons
  • Stay duration analysis
  • Sector performance benchmarks

Through accurate data, intelligent insight and applied expertise, we can help you utilise your data to make your car park a more efficient, effective and profitable site.

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