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Setting the right tone and ambience doesn’t start when your guests walk through the door. It begins when they arrive in your car park.

The hospitality industry has faced several difficult years because of the pandemic. In order to bounce back bigger and better than before, leveraging every tool available is vital.

Your car park can help you access new revenue streams and provide services that enhance the experience your guests and patrons have when they visit, elevating their stay and increasing the likelihood of returning customers.

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Car park management for pubs & restaurants

A car park is a powerful asset for any business in the hospitality sector. With the right management, it becomes an inviting location, one that encourages repeat visits and helps your business to begin making a strong impression from the instant your guests arrive.

While the norm is to offer free parking for guests, the reality is that all too often, these spaces are abused by other motorists, including those parking to go somewhere else, customers leaving their vehicles overnight or local residents.

This abuse can cause a business to look busier than it actually is. As a result, genuine customers may choose to go elsewhere, maybe even your competitors. It can also reduce footfall, in some cases, up to as much as 25%.


Maximise your visitor experience

We work with hundreds of hospitality businesses and know how important parking is to the overall visitor experience. It bookends a visit and can be a significant factor in whether a guest chooses to come back or not.

We offer a range of solutions that can transform how a car park operates and creates a hassle-free car park management solution for your business. Our solutions are easy to use and can help your site in several ways, including:

  • Eliminating abuse on-site, freeing up space for genuine customers.
  • Less congestion, improving safety and accessibility
  • Fewer complaints and headaches for your staff
  • Access to new potential revenue streams through EV charging or Pre-booking
  • Gather powerful data and insight relating to your car park

These solutions help create a much more positive parking environment One that underpins and supports your services while enhancing your guest’s experience.


Common challenges for pubs and restaurants

Reduce car park abuse

Spaces in your car park are for your paying customers. Through powerful ANPR technology, we can enforce the rules on your car park, reducing instances of abuse while giving your business access to increased parking space and additional services that can transform how your car park operates.

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Generating revenue

Hospitality businesses need to ensure they are maximising their potential to generate revenue. From using additional capacity and hiring out parking spaces during quieter times to providing offers to attract additional footfall, your car park is a gateway to new revenue streams that can have a transformative effect on your business.

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Customer experience

Your car park is often what your guests see when they arrive and leave. Getting those first and last impressions right is key to creating a memorable customer experience. Effective car park management allows you to avoid complaints and parking issues that can damage your reputation and the perception of your business.

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  • We had an issue with space availability which was compounded by non-customers using the site and some poor parking practices. The Parkingeye team transformed the site in a matter of weeks with minimum fuss - congestion is a thing of the past, there's adequate space for hungry customers and complaints are non-existent. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

    Josh Reeve, Business Manager


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