Evolving your parking

You might think of your car park as a means to an end. Somewhere for staff, customers, and visitors to leave a car before they head into your business.

But, what if you could do more and take your car park to the next level?

The right car park management solutions and support can help your car park to evolve. Transforming it into an invaluable asset, one that can streamline services, boost accessibility, increase footfall, delight staff and visitors and generate extra revenue for your business.

Why you need to embrace parking apps
Why you need to embrace parking apps

Evolving accessibility on your car park

Your car park can be so much more than simple parking spaces.

From charging bays to protected, accessible spaces, helping your parking to appeal and be beneficial to more people can make your site into an attractive destination that draws in more visitors and potential customers.

Our Bay Management solution is a first-of-its-kind system, using patented technology to protect those vital spaces on your car park.

Whether that’s making sure your EV charging spaces are only used by electric vehicles instead of being blocked by non-EVs or motorists not charging their cars.

Or ensuring spaces that benefit parents or people with different accessibility needs are kept clear and ready for when people need them.

This doesn’t just keep spaces available for people that need them, it also helps to eliminate a major source of confrontation and complaints for your staff to have to deal with, giving them more time to focus on the rest of their job.


Evolving services with new infrastructure

The number of electric cars on our roads is increasing.

The issue with this increase is the infrastructure needed to support such a change in how we get around.

Evolving your parking by adding EV charging to a car park helps support the changing infrastructure we need. In the process this also gives businesses access to a valuable new service that can improve the services you offer, attract new visitors, increase revenue, and support your green initiatives.

Our EV solution, powered by Evology chargers, protects each EV space on your site and gives your visitors access to fast, reliable charging supported by quick and easy payment solutions.


Boosting revenue by evolving your parking

The right payment options and mix of solutions can help your car park to capitalise on its revenue-generating potential.

Your visitors and customers want to pay for their parking in the way that most appeals to them. This is why we offer more payment options than any other provider.

We can help modernise your parking payments, from card and contactless payments that eliminate the need for visitors to have change, to digital permits, pre-booking and autopay solutions that allow motorists to manage their parking ahead of time and just drive on and off a car park without any extra steps – massively streamlining their stay.

This extra level of flexibility, coupled with other services such as EV charging can drive people to your car park and generate extra revenue.


Using powerful insights to evolve your parking

When it comes to evolving your parking, understanding how your car park is being used and performing is vital. This insight lets you track trends, understand changes in your visitors and make changes to your car park that are going to have a noticeable impact.

ANPR cameras unlock an incredible amount of data for a car park, from the types of vehicles using your site, to capacity, payment methods, revenue generation and more.

By being able to not only view but interrogate this information you’re in a stronger position, one that helps you better understand your car park but also steer the direction you take your car park management.


All the support you need when it comes to evolving your parking

At Parkingeye, we understand the issues that car parks around the UK have to deal with.

We use our years of experience to work with you to identify the problems your site is facing, design the perfect mix of complete car park management solutions to support your car park, and deliver the ongoing support that your car park needs to thrive.

To find out more about Parkingeye, our solutions, and how we can help you make more of your parking, get in touch using our form.