ANPR cameras are a crucial way of accessing more data about your car park, logging vehicles as they enter and exit your site and helping to build a picture of parking behaviour. The data gathered can provide valuable insights which can help your business make more informed decisions and steer your site towards further growth. 

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How can ANPR data can benefit a site?

  • Modern kiosks are integrated with ANPR which matches vehicle registration details to payments made on site – this can help you see how people are paying for parking and allows you to identify opportunities to introduce new or expanded payment methods.
  • Duration is calculated accurately and charged accordingly – requested via a kiosk or deducted automatically on exit for registered users of good2go.
  • Anyone found to be leaving without paying or contravening the rules will be issued with a parking charge notice – hugely effective in changing parking behaviours.
  • Entry data can be used to trigger relevant offers and provide rewards and incentives to your best customers.
  • Accurate occupancy data can be repurposed to offer parking to nearby motorists, delivering new revenue streams and new audiences to your business.
  • Get regular, accurate and easy-to-access business insights from your data.

By delving into state-of-the-art car parking analytics fuelled by your ANPR system, you’ll have a comprehensive view of customer and business information to better understand your site. The amount of insight and information received from data analytics is far greater than traditional survey-based intelligence and helps lead to much more effective car park management.

The information gathered from your ANPR system fuels a detailed data and reporting function within our Customer Portal. This can be accessed 24/7 and helps provide up to date information as well as a suite of other functions including:

  • Performance comparators and benchmark analysis against other sectors
  • More informed decision making
  • Prioritisation of remedial actions
  • Better planning on all aspects – permits, stay duration, PCNs, and infrastructure requirements

Serious about data

  • Capability to process 4 MILLION pieces of data every single day (1.5b p/yr)
  • Almost 600 clients across EVERY SECTOR
  • 3,500 ANPR car parks
  • 1200+ retail sites
  • 3 of the BIG 6 supermarkets
  • 5 times bigger than nearest competitor

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