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As the hospitality industry faces increasing pressure to perform it’s important that you look at every opportunity for your site to overdeliver, maximise revenue and boost visitor satisfaction.

Since 2004 Parkingeye has worked with many of the major names in the hotel and hospitality sector. We’ve helped hundreds of sites to transform their car park from an overlooked entity into a powerful asset that helps improve the customer journey. Thanks to our cost-neutral solutions, managing your car park has never been easier and we can give you the means to deliver a high-end experience to your guests whenever they visit.

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Hotel specialists in car park management

Many hotels sit as part of a larger estate or hotel group. While we cater to every site individually as their facilities and services will be unique, we understand the importance of consistency and creating a common thread between each hotel within a group.

We’re experts in supporting multi-site and complex clients, providing consistent messaging, services, and solutions to eliminate abuse and complaints while easing operational burdens for your staff.

The impression your guests have of your hotel starts to form the moment they enter the car park, with a last impression made as they drive out. No matter how hard your team has worked in-between, issues on the car park can sour an otherwise amazing stay. Our solutions are designed to provide peace of mind, taking care of themselves so your staff have more time to focus on delivering exemplary service to your guests.

  • Easy-payment solutions

    We've an unmatched range of payment options, allowing you to tailor how you manage paid parking on your site to the specific requirements of your visitors.
  • Market-leading support

    We’ve been delivering smart, flexible, hassle-free car park solutions for almost 20 years and offer a service that’s difficult to match. A dedicated Account Manager will put your business at the heart of all we do.
  • Operational ease

    We have a fundamental, deep-rooted focus on quality across every touchpoint in the customer journey, from extra time spent on easy-to-understand signage, to bespoke reporting to drive improvement.
  • New revenue streams

    Paid parking can be an invaluable resource for businesses. Our expert team will manage everything, so you can enjoy new margin rich revenue without any of the hassle.
  • Bespoke solutions

    For busy in-house teams juggling security, complaints and parking payments, our wide range of services are integrated with clever technology which does all the hard work for you.
  • ParkIQ

    Understanding your car park, its users, and its performance is crucial to ensuring a site thrives. ParkIQ, our new data and insight platform, helps you to do just that.

Power change through ANPR

ANPR is a gateway to a multitude of ways to transform your car parks. Enabling the changes to your site that unlock revenue potential, engage customers through new services and provide insight and understanding at a level you didn’t have before.

Parking issues on your site can place serious strain on internal teams. Our solutions are backed up by 24/7 monitoring and support, ensuring that they’re reliable, responsive, and able to help power effective change across your estate.


Access new revenue streams and boost your bottom line

Every available asset at a business’s disposal needs to be used to its absolute best to give chance for success. Paid parking might sound counter intuitive for a hotel, but there are options that can help your site to access previously unrealised revenue streams that can help bolster a business in uncertain times.

Empty space on a car park, such as during quieter months or an off-season, could be offered for Pre-Booking, allowing motorists looking for parking in an area to capitalise on a prime location that would otherwise be going unused.

Download our Revenue Generation Brochure, or use our calculator to see how much your site could earn you…

Get a better understanding of your business and your customers with ParkIQ ParkIQ

Understanding your guests and what they want is key to ensuring they have the best possible stay in your hotel.

ParkIQ empowers your business, letting you tap into customisable insights, enabling you see how usage of your car park is evolving and helping you to tailor any changes and future investments to capitalise on emerging trends and shifting user need. This ensures that visitor satisfaction is at the forefront of every element of your site, including the car park.


Adapt to changing requirements by embracing EV ParkEV

Hotels are a crucial part of a journey, either a break point or somewhere for people to explore an area from. To support that journey your site should embrace how people travel, which means taking EV into consideration.

ParkEV is our EV charging solution, which uses Evology chargers to provide your sites with easy to use, rapid charging which, thanks to our patented Bay Enforcement technology, keeps your EV spaces available for the drivers that need them and removes the need for your staff to monitor their use.


Use enforcement to combat congestion and complaints

Imagine a guest arriving after a long journey, looking forward to their stay and being unable to find a space. This can stop a visit from getting off on the right foot, Parkingeye’s ANPR and Bay Enforcement solutions transform your parking environment. By removing abuse and congestion from your site we can make sure your parking is protected and provide your guests with peace of mind that when they arrive at the end of a long day or drive, they can park.


Protect your dedicated spaces with innovative technology

From EV spaces to Blue Badge bays there are elements of a car park that are focussed on accessibility and experience. Making sure these areas are used for their intended purpose is key to protecting the impression your guests have of your hotel. Our patented Bay Enforcement solution allows you to protect these areas of your site against abuse, removing a major source of complaints and helping to ensure that when someone arrives at your hotel looking to relax, they’re able to park in the space that’s best for them.


Complete car park management for your whole estate

Many hotels sit as part of a larger cluster of sites or a hotel chain. Providing a consistent level of service across an entire brand is important and places staff under a tremendous strain. At Parkingeye we understand the need for consistent services, but also that across an estate different car parks can have unique issues to address.

We tailor our solutions to each car park while still providing fully managed and maintained, cost-neutral, car park management across your entire hotel estate. This reduces the stress on your staff, reduces admin and frees up time that can be spent instead focussing on your guests. All with the peace of mind that the parking on your estate is being monitored and maintained 24/7.


Download our Hotel Brochure

With rising pressure to deliver a superior customer experience to every guest whilst protecting & generating greater margin rich revenue, there’s never been a better time to transform the way your car park operates.


Solving misuse at Moxy Hotel Edinburgh…

Parkingeye introduced an ANPR system to identify cars entering and exiting the car park. By providing an accurate means of monitoring their car park, the team were able to remove the often-lengthy examination over who was a valid customer as the ANPR system identified vehicles and matches against details being registered on terminals within the hotel. Automation afforded by ANPR technology has also greatly reduced the time needed to handle issues manually.

“From the moment we met with the Parkingeye team, they couldn’t have been more helpful – from explaining our options to some of the technical aspects around how the process worked. It became clear that we needed effective rules on site to help stop people abusing our car park and that’s what Parkingeye helped to put in place.”


How can ANPR help hotels?

Hotels thrive when all their services work in harmony with one another, this elevates the visitor experience and creates an incredible impression and a memorable stay for your guests.

You might not necessarily realise it at first but paying closer attention to your car park and the services it can provide is a fantastic way to modernise your site and enhance the other services you have on offer.

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