Car Park Management Solutions

Our specialist teams are helping organisations large and small transform their sites by eradicating abuse, generating margin-rich revenue, delighting customers to outsmart the competition and driving out cost through operational efficiency.

Evolving your parking
Evolving your parking

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Parkingeye’s wide range of car park management solutions and services means we are able to overcome a wide range of parking issues.

As the market leaders in car park management, we specialise in helping your business prosper and thrive using ANPR technology, to improve customer experience and drive an increase in footfall to your premises. Through effective and ethical enforcement, we can ensure that there is sufficient free space in your car park so that authorised users always have the ability to use your services rather than being forced to take their custom elsewhere.

We can also increase your revenues by bringing more customers to you, driving payment rates up through a streamlined experience and creating parking revenue that didn’t exist before. In most cases, we’ll even pay for and install the equipment at zero cost to you.


It’s important that you have clear rules in place on your parking site.

By deterring customers, causing obstructions and abusing the parking in place, problematic parking behaviours can do major harm to a site and any business connected to it.

Enforcement helps to ensure the rules in place on a site are followed and negative parking behaviours are eradicated, transforming what would have been a negative parking experience into a much more positive one.

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Barriers solutions

Although many car park managers are looking to move away from barriers wherever possible, ANPR-linked options are useful where you need to extend the lifespan of your capital investment.


Manned solutions

Fully trained on-site attendants can manually issue parking charges to those who contravene your rules but can also help to explain car park terms to motorists and observe parking behaviours.


ANPR enforcement

ANPR operates in a similar way to CCTV, where cameras (usually positioned at entry/exit points) capture number plates of all vehicles as they enter/exit the car park.


Bay Enforcement

We’ve developed a monitoring bollard, which allows you to add our ANPR technology to your existing dedicated bays, be they disabled, staff or EV parking, to help provide a greater degree of protection for parking bays across your site.