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Parking solutions to increase parking revenue, reduce car park abuse & improve customer satisfaction.

Aerial view of parking area offering parking solutions
Aerial view of parking area offering parking solutions

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Leading Car Park Management Services in the UK

We solve problems for landowners & managing agents who experience parking abuse on their sites Parkingeye can provide no cost parking solutions that can help private landowners and managing agents dramatically increase parking compliance and space availability, as well as:

  • Reducing abuse, over-stays and unwanted parking
  • Improving the income potential of your car park
  • Deterring anti-social behaviour and improving parking safety
  • Decreasing the costs of operating your car park
  • Dramatically improving the customer experience

Our dedicated teams currently provide tailored solutions to over 3500 sites nationwide. All installation, management and on-going maintenance can be completely free of charge and once installed, your account managers will run the site for you as if it was their own. It’s as simple as that.

Top 3 Challenges

A whopping 39 million journeys occur every single day, each requiring the use of a parking space at some point. No matter how large or organised the site, this creates huge pressure on sites and their internal teams, already busy juggling a host of other duties. Whether you’re trying to tackle unauthorised users, deal with parking complaints, looking for ways to generate more revenue or simply want to provide a better, smoother experience for your visitors – our parking solutions can help.

  • Unauthorised vehicles parking on your site can place serious strain on internal teams, effecting customer experience and a potential loss of revenue.
  • First-class customer experience at your premises begins the moment your customers enter the car park, with final impressions made as they drive out – no matter how hard your team has worked in-between.
  • It has never been more important to consider your options for generating new revenue. Your car park may not be the first thing you think of but there are numerous ways in which to reduce costs and increase revenues using ANPR technology.
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  • I want to appeal a Parking Charge?

    To appeal against a Parking Charge, either complete the on-line appeals form by clicking here or write to Parkingeye at PO Box 117, Blyth, NE24 9EJ, giving the reasons for the appeal and enclosing any supporting information, i.e. a receipt to prove expenditure at the location, a parking ticket etc. or alternatively click here to pay.

  • What is POPLA?

    Parking Charges issued in England and Wales are underpinned by The Protection of Freedoms Act (POFA) 2012 and the Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) Service. The Act introduced the concept of ‘keeper liability’ for vehicles parked on private land, however, there had to be an independent appeals service to sit alongside the same, which is provided for by funding from the parking industry.

    That independent service is known as Parking on Private Land Appeals or POPLA. Assessors at POPLA determine appeals from those who have been issued with Parking Charges when parked on private land in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. To be able to lodge an appeal with POPLA, the motorist must first have sent an appeal (‘representations’) to the operator who issued the Parking Charge and have had their appeal rejected. POPLA is independent of all parties to appeals, including the operator and the British Parking Association, as are the Assessors who make the determinations.

  • Why have I received a Parking Charge?

    The car parks managed by Parkingeye have clear terms and conditions of parking, as detailed on the signage within the car park. If the terms and conditions are breached (e.g. overstaying a free period or not paying for your parking), then a Parking Charge will be issued. If you feel the Parking Charge has been incorrectly issued, we will consider any appeal.

    Please click here to pay or alternatively write to: PO Box 117, Blyth, NE24 9EJ

  • I have received a Parking Charge and would like to make payment, but I have lost the letter/do not know my reference number.

    If you are unable to locate your Parking Charge Reference, please contact us by filling in this form. Please include your full name, vehicle registration, date of the parking event and the location where the charge was incurred. Please note: any appeals or complaints sent to this email address will not be responded to.

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Our dedicated teams currently provide tailored parking solutions to over 3500 sites nationwide.

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If you have received a parking charge notice and would like more information please follow the link below.

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