Smart, Flexible & Integrated Car Park Management

Solutions to help increase parking revenue, reduce car park abuse & improve customer satisfaction

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Leading Car Park Management Services in the UK

We solve problems for landowners & managing agents who experience parking abuse on their sites

ParkingEye can provide no cost parking solutions that can help private land owners and managing agents dramatically increase parking compliance and space availability, as well as:

– Reducing abuse, over-stays and unwanted parking

– Improving the income potential of your car park

– Deterring anti-social behaviour and improving parking safety

– Decreasing the costs of operating your car park

– Dramatically improving the customer experience

Our dedicated teams currently provide tailored solutions to over 3500 sites nationwide. All installation, management and on-going maintenance can be completely free of charge and once installed, your account managers will run the site for you as if it was their own. It’s as simple as that.

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Do you have an issue with unauthorised parking?

If so having an appropriate deterrent on site can really help. We have a wide range of customisable solutions to manage car parks from 15 spaces into the thousands. From bespoke solutions and strategies to enforcement, monitoring and reporting, we do it all.

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Know Your Parking Rights

Looking for up to date information about your rights and responsibilities when it comes to parking? The British Parking Assocation has launched the 'Know Your Parking Rights' campaign.

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We’ve grown a lot in the past 14 years

Our solutions provide in depth reporting

Working with ParkingEye gives our clients a rich source of business intelligence through our car park usage data analytics.

We help to answer questions such as;

  • Do you know which of your sites attract the most visitors and at what times?
  • Do you know the immediate impact, by hour, of a new tenant on a site?
  • Do you know how your sites perform against the rest of your sector?

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