Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

A complex NHS Trust was looking to add EV to their estate to advance their sustainability agenda and better meet the needs of their staff across 7 different sites.


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Parkingeye were able to introduce a new EV solution and leverage our experience at effectively co-ordinating multi-site roll outs to give the Trust more control over their EV spaces. As a result, we were also able to help them unlock a new revenue stream and a wealth of wider community benefits.

The need for EV

As an organisation responsible for 4% of the UK’s C02 emissions The NHS has ambitious sustainability and net zero goals, aiming to be carbon neutral by 2040. They also have several challenges to solve in terms of aiding that transition to EV which Parkingeye were able to help with.


Aside from catering to their staff, the Trust sits at the heart of a wider community, and EV charging would allow for a wider roll-out of charging facilities in local areas which would support drivers in the area while allowing the Trust access to
a new revenue stream which could be reinvested back into the NHS.

As part of their efforts to achieve their environmental goals NHFT was given permission to start switching their fleet vehicles to EV. Coupled with a strong desire from staff, especially those in community-based roles, to be able to park and charge their EV at work, it was important that a new solution was found.

A solution with a difference

Parkingeye’s EV solution differs from others by being able to protect itself. 

Our EV chargers feature ANPR cameras, housed directly within the charging unit. This allows each charger to be better protected against abuse. We also utilise Tap & Go technology, alongside a range of other payment options to make sure that everyone has a choice over how to pay for their parking, while keeping using the chargers as simple as possible.


The impact of EV

Phase one of NHFT’s EV roll-out saw 27 chargers installed across 7 different sites within the Trust. The impact has been felt immediately.

“Although the chargers are available to the general public it is great to see our staff using them. It’s tangible evidence that we listened to them.”

  • We built a great rapport from day one. The speed of response and positive approach was important and reassuring. Any challenges we encountered, the team were very good in working through situations and finding solutions, especially where multiple stakeholders were involved. We are very happy with the charging solution and look forward to continuing the roll-out.

    Paula Tomkins, Transport Services Manager

    Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

    Download: Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust Case Study

    A complex NHS Trust was looking to add EV to their estate to advance their sustainability agenda and better meet the needs of their staff across 7 different sites.


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