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By leveraging market-leading ANPR technology, we’re able to help you manage the parking on your site using a powerful virtual permit system.

A permit system is ideal for car parks juggling several different user types – for instance, an educational facility supporting students, staff, visitors and suppliers. Integration with ANPR enables your business to manage/allocate thousands of permits at once, from anywhere, via a responsive dashboard.

Our permit system provides a powerful suite of tools to any business looking to manage their parking in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Yellow Car parked in a parking space
Yellow Car parked in a parking space

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Introducing Car Share

Our permit system contains a first-of-its-kind car-sharing system. Your staff or visitors can utilise car-sharing permits to get preferential parking while also encouraging people to travel together, saving money while saving space and taking multiple vehicles off the road and off your car park.

Car sharing works using a 2-stage system, this helps to validate parking and ensure that the preferential fees and parking for car sharing on your site aren’t being misused as the driver and passengers need to verify their permits through our app when they book their space and when they arrive.


The benefits of car sharing

Our car sharing solution helps you to support your environmental initiatives, provide a better staff and visitor experience and encourage positive changes in how people travel. This is a fantastic step towards helping to protect the environment as each vehicle removed from the road will, on average, save 139kg of CO2e per year.

Simply by introducing car sharing your site can transform your car park by:

  • Generating extra space
  • Increasing space turnover
  • Reducing emissions
  • Eliminating cars making the same journey to your site
  • Improving air quality
  • Creating less congestion
  • Providing more space for visitors
  • Building greater accessibility
  • Decreasing traffic in the area

Parking management software

Our web-based parking management software and parking permit application/allocation system allow you to move away from managing parking permits with paper applications, which is often very time-intensive and costly in terms of labour and printing the physical permits. Our easy to use software is designed so that it can be configured to meet the unique needs of each client, making it easy for you to define workflow processes, approval steps and permit types which are specific to your organisation.

Why use our web-based permit management software?

  • All-in-one system from application to approval and payment
  • Applications are made directly into the system, meaning admin staff do not have to duplicate this information from paper applications
  • Permits become digital and are managed via the integrated system, removing the risk of motorists making copies of paper permits
  • Full tracking of changes to information by administrator/user/permit holder on the system
  • Issuing of permits based on scoring criteria set out by the client – making sure those who really need the permits are allocated first
  • Provides the motorist with all the rules of their permit via email and through the secure log-in, removing excuses for unauthorised parking
  • Ensures the motorist is kept up to date with the stages of their permit application and status/rules once approved or denied
  • Allows communication to all permit holders in case of car park changes, reminders of rules about changing vehicle etc.
  • Links with ANPR technology that monitors the car parks on-site, meaning permits automatically get added to the authorised car parks and become live straight away, once authorised

Our system complements our existing car park management services and can be used in conjunction with your own permit management system. By linking with our ANPR systems, we provide the ability to automatically populate approved vehicle lists and authorise parking on a site that is managed and enforced via our ANPR technology.


Key features of our permit system

  • A homepage with organisational branding and an individual login for administrators
  • Various search options for data, including user type, payment type, the status of an application, vehicle registration, applicant surname
  • Ability to set timeframes for permit application and appeal ‘windows’
  • The ability to add or remove different car parking facilities, vary the loading and permit to space ratio of each car park
  • Automatic space counter as permits are allocated
  • The ability to bulk allocate permits or rolling renewals, create new permit types and bespoke application forms
  • Ability to upload and store supporting evidence or blue badges
  • A history log of an individual permit, indicating if it has been amended, edited, reprinted etc.
  • Automatically generate reports to allow financial payments and permit printing
  • Automated emails to applicants at various stages, edit and change templates
  • Google API to automate the calculation of commute distances and availability of public transport, in line with Green Travel Plan initiatives

With fully configurable reporting functionality, our permit system provides a valuable insight into car park data analytics. Together with the support from our expert in-house team, we can offer car park consultancy to help ensure that you can fully realise your car park’s potential and the effectiveness of your virtualised payments.

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