Bay Management Bollard

Our patented, proprietary Bay Management Bollard allows you to transform your priority parking and ensure that the crucial spaces on your car park are available when they are needed. From blue badge and parent and child bays to designated ambulance spaces, we’re able to prevent high-priority areas from being misused by drivers, ensuring greater accessibility, service, and safety.

Our bollard can also be added to any existing EV infrastructure, helping to protect your investment against ICEing. We’re also able to use the bollard to
add Tap & Go, contactless technology to your EV installation, enhancing your payment options and keeping you in line with changing EV charging legislation.

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How our ANPR technology helps your car park

1 Protect key spaces

2 Improve accessibility

3 Improve access to services

4 Eliminate complaints

5 Enhance EV charging

6 Adhere to EV charging regulations


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