Parking in the post Covid-19 era

Over the past few years, ‘normal’ has been re-written. This includes the way we work, commute, and our relationship with the office.

Now we face another change – one where we must re-navigate the gentle return to the office, be it a full return or a blended middle ground. With that comes parking, and all the problems and challenges that it entails.

ANPR equipped car park
ANPR equipped car park

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Cashless solutions

Motorists need safe and effective ways to pay for parking, without a risk to them and businesses need to consider solutions that protect their customers and staff. Touchless payment and parking options might be the answer you are looking for.

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Virtualised permits

By leveraging ANPR technology, we’re able to help you manage the parking on your site using a powerful virtual permit system, which provides a suite of tools to any business looking to better manage their parking.

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With auto-pay your visitors can forget about scrabbling to find change or locate a payment machine, no need to enter vehicle/payment details every time they park or guess how long they'll stay. Just drive in, stay as long as they need and leave.

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Although fewer people are carrying cash, we’re rarely without our mobile phones – which makes Pay-By-Phone such a useful system. Users simply find a space, then pay by app, website or over the phone. Simple, quick, convenient.

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With high uptime and full integration with smart ANPR technology, our diverse pay-on-foot portfolio offers a wealth of options to your visitors, better catering to customer need, driving payment compliance and generating revenue.

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Make your site work harder, with pre-booking solutions

For many businesses, the return to work is a flexible one. Your staff might not all be returning to the office at the same time, or you may have fully embraced a hybrid-working model. This means your car park potentially has spare capacity.

For those in prominent locations in towns and cities, this presents an opportunity to transform that extra space into an added revenue stream via pre-booking.

By allowing motorists to reserve parking in your surplus spaces, you’re able to turn those spaces that would otherwise stand empty; while people are working from home; into a means to generate parking revenue, perfect if your office or business is situated in an area where parking is often at a premium.

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Adapting your car park

There have been many changes over the past 2 years, with ramifications that will impact the future of car parks across the UK.

The government has committed to steps to make electric vehicles the norm, with new infrastructure and charging stations appearing on sites across the country. From motorway services to multi-storeys chargers will allow people to recharge and maintain vehicles, however, this also presents a new addition to an old problem.

People parking in the wrong bays, blocking access to priority and blue badge spaces is still an issue. Bay Enforcement allows for more control and protection on your car park, keeping specific spaces free for those authorised to use them. This can transform your site, cutting a major source of complaints while improving services and visitor experience.


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