Easy Pay Parking

A paid parking strategy allows you to monetise your site or adapt your existing measures to improve payment rates. Our diverse range of solutions spans traditional pay-on-foot and PayByPhone methods, through to cutting edge ‘auto-pay’ services which deduct the payment due on exit. This helps remove the worry of payment altogether for the motorist and can drive up repeat visits.

Man checking out on his iphone
Man checking out on his iphone

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Easy-pay Parking Solutions

There are different solutions you can implement on a parking site to make it easier for users to pay for their parking. Our flexible solutions allow you to employ a combination of different services to help you cater to users no matter their level of comfort with technology.


Having a range of payment solutions in place can provide flexibility and convenience for customers. Take away the stress of finding the correct change, offer a range of ways to pay and reduce manual input errors to boot.

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Cashless Payments

Society is changing and adopting new technologies at an increased rate. With fewer people carrying cash, it’s vital that your site at least considers some contactless and cashless solutions to help cater to evolving customer needs.

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Virtualised Permits

Larger sites with multiple user types may want to use a permit system to help manage their parking effectively. We’ve implemented a powerful system that utilises ANPR technology to help manage parking on an unprecedented scale.

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Why do you need Easy Pay parking?

Your parking site is your opportunity to make a lasting impression on a visitor before they even step through the door of your business and your chance to provide one last final flourish as they leave.

Making your parking easy to manage is a fast and effective way to delight customers and streamline how your site operates.

By including modern solutions and catering to a variety of needs, you improve convenience and payment compliance which can draw visitors back to your site and help increase the amount of revenue your site generates.

The benefits of Easy Pay Parking

Simplifying your paid parking strategies has a proven positive impact on a site and the businesses associated with it. The benefits of Easy Pay parking include:

  • Flexible solutions that are tailored your site and your users
  • Easy to use
  • Improve revenue and payment compliance
  • Generate additional margin-rich revenue
  • Increase space turnover through more efficient parking management
  • Increased control and visibility on your sites

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