Wetherby Methodist Church

A church near to a popular shopping destination needed help to protect their parking after years of prolonged abuse.

Church with cross
Church with cross

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About Wetherby Methodist Church

The Wetherby Methodist Church is a small religious site with a private car park for its congregation and visitors located near Wetherby Town Centre. Any site close to popular locations, shops and amenities can find itself subject to parking abuse. The Wetherby Methodist Church was no different, its convenient location making it an attractive site for unauthorised parking.

After years of trying to deal with parking abuse themselves, Parkingeye were enlisted to help protect their site.

Transforming a car park with fair enforcement

With the installation of clear signage, cameras, and a tablet for patrons to validate their parking we have helped to dramatically reduce the instances of abuse the church has to deal with in an incredibly short space of time. All of this is backed by on-going support from Parkingeye’s dedicated Account Management team.


John McCarthy, Estates Manager from Wetherby Methodist Church, said

“We’re a small private car park in close proximity to the town centre. Although parking in the town is free, the convenience of our car park resulted in lots of unauthorised parking. We tried putting up polite signage, putting messages under windscreen wipers and reminding drivers this was private land. None of this worked and over the years the problem became worse, and we often suffered verbal abuse.

We called in Parkingeye to discuss the problem and our requirements. Parkingeye installed a system that provided flexibility for authorised users and a deterrent for non-authorized users. The system has been running for 6 weeks and we’ve already seen a substantial improvement. We will always get some unauthorised parking, but now leave this to Parkingeye to manage. The result of installing our car park management system has been less unauthorised parking, more space for our authorised users, less stress, and no abuse.”

  • Parkingeye installed a system that meets all our requirements, flexibility for authorised users and a deterrent for non-authorized users. We have been running the system for 6 weeks and we have already seen a substantial reduction in unauthorised users.

    John McCarthy, Estates Manager

    Wetherby Methodist Church

    Download: Supporting Religious Sites

    Religious sites sit at the heart of many communities, providing support and representing the different cultures and traditions of the world. At Parkingeye, we understand the importance of protecting access to these important sites, and we help our clients to take back control of their parking, whilst still supporting their community


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