Bespoke Reporting

At Parkingeye, we’re able to support our clients by providing detailed reporting and data analysis that can be hugely beneficial in planning the future of their parking provision.

An iPad displaying data and figures
An iPad displaying data and figures

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We can set-up additional detailed reporting, tailored to your business, which covers more in-depth analysis, including:

  • Traffic volume & flow
  • Seasonal trends and year-on-year variances
  • Stay duration
  • Occupancy levels – weekly, daily & hourly
  • Payment channels
  • Repeat visitor analysis
  • Vehicle fuel type

These reports provide invaluable insight that can help landowners to understand the opportunities and areas for concern on their sites.

This data can also be used to help support additional benchmarking, scenario analysis and continual improvement plans for a site.



By understanding your sites, as well as your wider sector, we’re able to assist with benchmarking. This lets you see how your site performs within your own market and highlights ways to improve and create a more positive parking experience for customers and staff.

Fully anonymised and aggregated industry benchmark analysis

Due to our vast client base, we can offer expert insight into the industry benchmarks for clients. This has helped clients plan their estate and traffic management more effectively to improve customer experience.

Tailored benchmark criteria

We can benchmark on many data types such as region, location features, capacity and parking charge value. This enables our clients to get accurate and timely insight into sites that are directly comparable to their own.

Trend analysis over time

Having access to so much data allows our experts to perform trend analysis. This is beneficial to clients as it allows planning for cyclical and seasonal demand. Internal promotions and events can also be linked to car park activity, making the tracking of success much easier.

Scenario analysis

We can help you assess the impact that major changes to your business have had. From increasing the capacity of your car park, a competitor entering the market, amending layouts or offering new payment methods, gaining a solid before and after picture is hugely valuable. Scenario analysis can provide you with a detailed overview that shows how the effects of any changes have been felt in the car park.

By analysing year-on-year variances and before/after trend changes, we can paint a complete picture of the impact certain milestones have had on your site performance – for better or worse. Not just that, but our account managers can proactively suggest new ideas to help you use the information to grow your business, stay ahead of the competition or plan for future events.

Continual Improvement Plans

Parking is an ever-changing industry. There are a raft of new innovations and fluctuations in how motorists behave which need to be taken into account. We can use our data suite to keep you informed of any emerging trends or issues which could facilitate changes on your parking site.

These changes help underpin and support growth. For example, if you are looking to expand your business but need to satisfy the local planner, our data suite can show that you have adequate parking supply. Or perhaps you’re looking at adopting other payment methods on your site and need to track performance via a trial.

Incremental changes and evolving your parking over time can allow you to continue providing the best possible parking experience, maximise revenue opportunities, grow your business and remain one step ahead of the competition.

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