Greener Parking

Across the globe steps are being taken to reduce carbon emissions and do more to promote sustainable ways of living. The UK is no different, with ambitious plans to cut emissions by 78% by 2035 and reach a net-zero emission level by 2050.

For businesses, one way to reduce their environmental impact is to improve how their car park operates. Taking steps towards environmentally sound ways of running your site might sound like a huge change and a major investment for landowners and site managers. However, embracing a greener way of thinking about your parking creates huge opportunities for your business.

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Helping businesses hit their green goals

At Parkingeye we provide car park management solutions that can be aligned with your environmental efforts and help you on the route to net-zero. Our solutions are approved under several framework agreements and support the government’s green agenda by providing EV charging infrastructure.

Your car park can be transformed into a parking environment that promotes sustainability and helps your site better prepare for the future of travel in the UK.

Striving to reach a carbon-neutral status takes a concerted effort, both within a business and on its car park. We can take some of that strain for you to help you achieve your environmental ambitions.

ANPR and the environment

ANPR can empower your business, providing access to a range of services and solutions that can transform your car park and shore up your green credentials.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition uses specialised cameras to log vehicles as they enter and exit a car park. This can be used to help you monitor and cut down abuse, put tools in place to reduce congestion and use fuel analysis data to track the uptake in electric vehicles, allowing you to tailor your site to evolving visitor and environmental needs.


Going cashless

How visitors interact with a car park is evolving. Society has moved away from the stereotypical fumbling for the correct change at a pay and display machine and has utilised card and contactless payments to improve the way they pay for parking. But what if you could do away with payment kiosks, chip coins and paper tickets altogether?

Cashless technologies remove the need for cash collection on-site, reducing CO2 emissions and improving security, while provides a means for a site to go paperless. This reduces paper usage, waste and litter while creating a much more efficient parking experience that can eliminate queues for kiosks, increase space turnover and prevent circling behaviour on your car park.


Embracing EV

By 2030 all new cars sold in the UK must be electric. To accommodate such a massive change in how people travel the country needs to build a robust EV infrastructure.

Chargers aren’t restricted to petrol station forecourts, car parks are an ideal space for charging stations – motorists can park their car, pay for charging, and leave their vehicle while they shop, relax, or explore the area.

This represents an opportunity for businesses to support the development of an EV infrastructure that helps make moving to electric more practical and with it, offers the chance to access a valuable new revenue stream.

ParkEV is our way of helping your business develop EV infrastructure across your site, in a way that’s not only fast and effective, but reliable and protected from abuse. By keeping bays free for those who need them we can help you create a go-to charging destination for drivers in your area.


Find out more about our Green credentials; speak to a member of our team today…

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