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Car Park Management for Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels & Guest Houses

Whilst continued strong growth in the sector is positive news, a decline in conferences and banqueting as well as leisure services, alongside rising overhead costs, really put a strain on owners and managers to maximise profitability and delight guests. A first-class experience at your hotel begins the moment your guests enter the car park, with final impressions
made as they drive out – no matter how hard your team has worked in-between.

This emphasises the importance of your hotel’s car park – providing exceptional service for every guest, whilst maximising profits and minimising abuse.

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Parking management for hospitality sites

ParkingEye recognises that effective and efficient car park management is closely linked to any hospitality service’s brand, helping to improve a customer’s experience and reducing the potential for dissatisfaction and abuse along the way.

Working with a number of big-name customers across a range of hotel groups, including Hilton, Best Western, Premier Inn, Marriott and Ibis, we’ve helped hundreds of sites to ensure their parking facilities are running as smoothly as possible.

Watch our latest video to see how we helped Ron Vos, the General Manager at London Heathrow Marriot.


“Great service from all employees of ParkingEye, especially our dedicated Account Manager. Excellent, Professional, Helpful, it’s a great system.”

Many of our clients approached us after experiences associated with the following:

  • Overnight guests not paying for parking
  • Increased congestion
  • Reduced availability for guests
  • Abuse from local businesses
  • Unreliable barrier systems

Through working with us, we’ve helped them by installing a range of solutions including:

  • ANPR cameras
  • Payment machines
  • Terminals to allow both free and paid parking
  • A customer portal that provides concessions for visitors
  • Increased throughput to hotels
  • Tailored options for multiple user types, including conferences, guests, staff and gym/spa users
  • Increased flexibility for immunity windows

hotel car park

ParkingEye’s system offers various payment options that work simultaneously with its guests checking in/out, making it easier for businesses to monitor those who haven’t paid. Terminals at reception allow free parking for guests and visitors while also generating revenue from non-patrons through payment machines at both the car park and reception.

Ultimately, we provide our clients with the tools they need to achieve an improved parking situation that enhances the customer experience, deters abuse and ensures that genuine guests aren’t penalised.

Take a look at our Hotel Spotlight where we look at the role that next generation parking has on the industry and highlight the benefits of working with ParkingEye.

Hotel Spotlight

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