Manned Parking Solutions

Having a friendly face on site can be a huge benefit to visitors who need help understanding the rules in place and those who might need assistance once they’ve parked. A fully trained on-site attendant can patrol, observe parking behaviours, monitor space use and eliminate instances of space abuse and blue-badge fraud and help with enforcement by manually issuing PCNs.

ANPR equipped car park
ANPR equipped car park

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Key manned attendant services

There are several key services that our manned teams can offer. These can help to transform parking on your site, ease abuse and better support your customers.

Experienced Talent Pool

Our pool of attendants can be found nationwide and comprises of fully trained specialists who understand the issues facing parking sites across a range of industries including housing associations, commercial property, education and the NHS.

Powerful Technology

We empower our teams with our in-house PARKS App technology. This allows our attendants to issue Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) to motorists who flout the rules on your site. The app provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing it to be integrated with other solutions, including our parking permit software and ANPR systems.

Specialist Support

Management of manned parking is key. You are assigned a dedicated account manager who will work closely alongside you to ensure the efficiency of your car park is maintained and maximised. Their support starts from installation and continues to ensure you are getting the most from your solutions and your site.

Why Manned Solutions?

Manned solutions provide your site with several benefits, these include:

  • More control over individual bay management
  • Fully trained parking professionals to represent your brand
  • Easy to use handheld devices allow existing teams to issue PCNs, with the full support of Parkingeye’s back-office
  • Provides additional visibility, aiding enforcement and reducing poor parking behaviours
  • A fantastic option for smaller sites or sites where the layout makes ANPR difficult

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