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As the market leaders in car park management, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve the parking experience for anyone that visits one of our sites. Our car parks see a reduction in abuse and ensure sufficient free spaces – but are they the right spaces?

We’ve developed a monitoring bollard, which allows you to add our ANPR technology to your existing dedicated bays, whether they are specific blue badge spaces, staff parking or EV charging bays, to provide a greater degree of protection against parking abuse across your site.

An aerial shot of two cars parked in their parking spaces
An aerial shot of two cars parked in their parking spaces

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Who benefits from Bay Management?

Bay Management protects specific spaces, ensuring your most vulnerable users have the ability to safely use them. When introducing Bay Management, we kept some of our key principles in mind.

Emergency Vehicles

Keeping spaces free for emergency vehicles is key to ensuring fast response times and reducing delays during emergency arrivals. Restricting access to those bays through parking abuse can have serious repercussions and put the public in genuine harms way if not dealt with.

Our Bay Management bollard uses ANPR technology to detect whether vehicles trying to park in dedicated emergency vehicle bays are first responder vehicles or not. This deterrent works seamlessly in the background, 24/7, meaning dedicated bays stay free & usable. Improving efficiency without creating additional admin headaches to internal teams when they’re already incredibly busy.


Single Spaces/VIP Parking

Using our Bay Management bollards means you can protect specific and individual spaces on your car park. This new solution can quickly and easily incorporate a permit system for managing customer or staff parking, as well as online booking systems to reserve and enforce parking for specific vehicles in VIP bays.

Reserving specific spaces for selected guests, staff, visitors, or customers can help elevate the first impression you make on a visitor., as well as allow you to provide a higher level of service, unmatched by your competitors, and create a lasting impression.


Disabled Parking bays

Disabled parking bays have a specific use, and a dedicated need – keeping these bays free for their intended use is vital to offering a safe, friendly, and accessible experience for your customers, staff, & visitors.

There is a duty of care to provide accessible parking for people. Motorists parking where they shouldn’t and blocking off those spaces creates complaints and frustrations. Thankfully bay monitoring and management solutions can help businesses to keep dedicated spaces free without taking up any additional time or manpower for your staff.


EV charging bays

The number of electric vehicles on UK roads is on the rise, along with the chargers necessary to keep them running. Our Bay Management solution can keep dedicated EV charging bays available for electric vehicles and prevent congestion and issues arising from unintended vehicles filling up dedicated spaces.

Our Bay Management solution leverages Parkingeye’s experience with car park management to provide a much more focused and tailored way of protecting your car park, meaning you can protect specific bays, without extra admin – all lending itself to improved customer service & a better experience for your patrons.


Make Bay Management work for your business

Bay Management supports your car park in numerous ways, regardless of sector & business. Depending on your wants & needs, our Bay Management bollard can revolutionise your car park…

Make sure dedicated bays stay dedicated

With a single camera point the vehicle entering the bay can be detected via an ANPR camera housed inside our discreet monitoring system. Individual bays such as Blue Badge bays or EV charging points are intended for a specific purpose. Bay Management ensures these bays are kept clear of abuse.


  • Preventing abuse
    We’ve developed a monitoring bollard, which allows you to add our ANPR technology to your priority parking spaces to provide a greater degree of protection for your site.
  • Account management
    Once a site is live, there’s a requirement for ongoing management as sites change and adapt over time. Our team of 400 specialists work tirelessly to ensure your site operates exactly as you envisage.
  • ANPR Technology
    We house our ANPR camera within a specific monitoring unit, this allows us to make sure that your dedicated bays are protected and only used by legitimate visitors.
  • Bay availability
    If bays are being misused it’s as though they aren’t there. Our system helps to maintain access and reassure visitors to your car park that their parking needs can be met.
  • Eliminates complaints
    By protecting your bays, you stop issues with abuse, saving time for your staff and improving your overall customer experience.

How can you manage the needs of everyone using your car park?

Staff, customers, guests, patients, contractors, the list goes on. Our new Bay Management solution further benefits the people important to your business. Our bespoke solution enables you to protect specific spaces and ensures you stay one step ahead of changes such as the rise of EV.


Tailoring your solution

We already know there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to a car park. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your site and your business. This tailored approach has enabled us to take on board various business requirements and effectively introduce bay management via a bespoke monitoring solution that meets your needs and helps your car park thrive.


Businesses change, can your car park quickly adapt?

Once a site is live, there’s a degree of ongoing management as sites change and adapt over time. It’s our job to provide the flexibility you need and look at ways to improve, and evolving your site to maximise its potential and the impact it can have on your business. Our monitoring solution has taken all of this data insight on board in order to offer our bespoke Bay Management solution.


See how we can make your car park management easy

Whatever problems you’re having with your car park, whether it’s a design fault, issues with abuse or a loss of revenue, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us; we’d be more than happy to chat with a potential client, regardless of the sector that they’re in.

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