Self-ticketing Solutions

Much like the manned services we provide, however instead of drawing on a pool of attendants working for Parkingeye, monitoring and enforcement is carried out by an internal team. This gives your business a much more flexible approach to managing your parking, underpinned and enforced by our powerful PARKs App technology.

Blurry image of cars parked in a parking lot
Blurry image of cars parked in a parking lot

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Take control of your car park

Self-ticketing allows you to take full control over your car park. Through our powerful PARKs app, our self-ticketing solution is available for use 24/7 by your own teams, with the full back-office support of Parkingeye. By managing your own car park, you can maintain brand continuity and help reduce poor parking behaviours across your site.

The PARKs app allows your team(s) to issue PCNs themselves and manage day-to-day enforcement across the sites personally. Self-ticketing enforcement suits clients who want to take 100% control without any of the usual admin. We provide professional training and ongoing support ensuring you are firmly in the driving seat.

Why Self-ticketing?

There are a range of benefits to be gained from using Self-ticketing options. These include:

  • Allowing you to retain and utilise existing teams
  • Allowing you to maintain full control
  • Great for individual bay management
  • Your team is provided with full training
  • Hand-held devices connect to full back-office support at Parkingeye HQ
  • Help with obstructive parking such as double-yellow parking

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