Car Park Enforcement

It’s important that you have clear rules in place on your parking site.

By deterring customers, causing obstructions and abusing the parking in place, problematic parking behaviours can do major harm to a site and any business connected to it.

Enforcement helps to ensure the rules in place on a site are followed and negative parking behaviours are eradicated, transforming what would have been a negative parking experience into a much more positive one.


Aerial view of parking area.
Aerial view of parking area.

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A Ethical approach to enforcement

Enforcing the rules needs to be done with a firm, but responsible and ethical approach.

We’ve spent years perfecting our approach to enforcement. A primary concern for many customers is how to provide a positive experience for genuine customers while enforcing the rules on their site without damaging their brand reputation.

Our focus is on working with you to find the right solutions for your site. Drawing on our experience and technical insight we put the processes in place to drive down abuse and protect genuine customers. We’ll draw up site plans, design the signage, handle all aspects of the install and issue enforcement paperwork. All driven by how you want the site to operate.

Our team of almost 400 specialists work tirelessly to ensure your site operates exactly as you envisage, tackling all the admin and hassle so busy internal teams don’t have to and protecting your business from any negative association.

Enforcement Solutions

We use a range of approaches when enforcing the rules on a site. These can all be tailored to specific needs and requirements.

ANPR Solutions

Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems accurately track vehicles entering and exiting your parking site and help you effectively monitor your parking.

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Manned Solutions

On-site attendants can help explain rules and aid motorists but also issue parking charges, helping to enforce rules on your site.

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Self-ticketing Solutions

By training your internal team you can make monitoring and enforcement a flexible part of your working day. This is all supported by our handheld PARK’s App technology.

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Barrier Solutions

Adding ANPR systems to your existing barrier solution can extend its lifespan and help to automate your parking solution, offering a more convenient and efficient experience for visitors.

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Bay Enforcement

We’ve developed a monitoring bollard, which allows you to add our ANPR technology to your existing dedicated bays, be they disabled, staff or EV parking, to help provide a greater degree of protection for parking bays across your site.

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Accuracy is key

As part of enforcing the rules on your site, each potential contravention goes through a rigorous 21-step audit and checking process prior to any parking charge or warning notice being issued.

Our dedicated Quality Assurance team are part of a suite of services we offer to ensure quality and support our customers with their car park management. We provide a powerful back-office system which helps maintain flexible management of your parking, tailored to the specific needs of your site.

We also utilise a Driver Portal to help motorists access their parking charge information, pay charges or start the appeals process. We can offer motorists a helping hand through these processes with a dedicated helpline.

Our process is tried and tested – as well as eradicating abuse, on average we see a 25% improvement in space availability within just 3 months for genuine users, alongside associated increases in revenue.

Fair appeals

No-one likes getting caught breaking the rules so it’s no surprise that we manage a reasonable amount of appeals via our online portal. Our appeals team is made up of over 60 specially trained experts who also have access to the particulars of your site and work with each motorist to determine whether the evidence provided is enough to accept their appeal.

  • 21-step audit and checking process prior to issuing any parking charge or warning notice
  • Each appeal is reviewed on a case-by-case basis using parameters set by you
  • We have an 82% success rate with POPLA appeals (Independent Appeals Service - Industry Avg. 49.4%)


The industry’s independent ombudsman, POPLA, deals with disputes where the parking charge is upheld and the appeal has been rejected. We’re proud to say we work closely with the POPLA team to resolve issues quickly and have the highest upheld rate of the major operators, reflecting the accuracy of our entire process – from the initial data capture by the camera right up to the diligent checks by our appeals team.

POPLA publish a list each year detailing the upheld and overturned rates of the top operators. As a neutral party in what is an unregulated industry, their findings can be useful to a business looking for the right car park management partner. Their upheld rates are a key indicator of a robust and fair appeals process as effectively, POPLA agree with the operator ruling – Take a look at POPLA.


Why Parkingeye?

At Parkingeye we pride ourselves on our approach to enforcement. Backed by years of experience and technical expertise our operation is about much more than simply size and having the right kit.

Our amazing people are why we’re so different to traditional operators, reflected by our high customer retention rates (97%) and the extensive knowledge they freely share every single day to help business across the UK thrive, spanning everything from CDM regulations to app development.

To find out more about how we can help with your parking enforcement please get in touch using the form below.

Explore FAQ's on Automatic Number Plate Recognition

  • Does Parkingeye monitor my ANPR solution to make sure it's working?

    Yes, we do. Our internal automated network and application monitoring systems constantly check over 2,000 areas of our system, providing real-time alerting of every aspect of the platform to keep you covered. We supplement this with external third party monitoring, which provides a failover and alerting should a major event occur.

  • How much does it cost to install ANPR technology?

    Installation, management, and ongoing maintenance can be completely free of charge. However, this is very much dependant on your car park which is why we send our expert sales team out to review your site to ensure our ANPR solution is a good fit for both you and Parkingeye.

  • What is ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)?

    ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. It is a technology for reading vehicle number plates without human intervention, delivered using cameras and character recognition. ParkingEye is the market leading provider of ANPR on private land and utilises the latest in ANPR technology to provide a reliable and effective automatic parking management solution. Our solution comprises of dedicated ANPR cameras, image processing servers, wireless communication devices and connectivity technologies such as ADSL and 3G.

  • Do Parkingeye's ANPR systems work all year round?

    Absolutely. Parkingeye’s ANPR solution is available 24/7, 365 days a year. To ensure that any downtime is minimised, all on-site equipment is pro-actively monitored, including remote diagnostics capability and with the ability to schedule remedial work required immediately. So much so, that in the rare occasions we do find an issue, we’ve fixed it before clients have even noticed.

  • How do you differentiate between a genuine customer and a non-customer?

    We start by understanding your business, your challenges and your customers/genuine users before we do anything to ensure we present the right solution from our large inter-changeable portfolio.Every solution is bespoke, whether your site suits an in-store terminal to determine who’s spent money with you or would benefit from a pre-booking facility which matches vehicles on entry. Talk to us about your concerns, let’s go from there.

  • What types of business or car park is ANPR suitable for?

    Whether you have a 25-space surface car park or manage a complex estate with sites spread across multiple locations, our solutions can be tailored to suit the way you operate and easy to integrate with other systems. Our specialist team support thousands of businesses across the UK, from small businesses right through to some of the largest brands in the UK, including 3 of the UK’s largest supermarkets. We’re here to help you too, even if you’re simply looking for advice.

  • What happens if one of my customers receives a parking charge notice?

    There’s nothing more important than reputation. We work closely with clients to understand who’s using their car park and what constitutes a ‘genuine’ user to create a solution to suit your operation perfectly. Prior to issuing any Parking Charge or Warning Notice, we conduct a 21-step audit which gives us an 82% ‘upheld’ rate at the Independent Appeals Service’s (POPLA) giving us the best record of the major operators. In rare instances where a customer is issued with a PCN, it should never be a battle to request a cancellation, although we’ll always offer advice on setting precedents for certain scenarios.

  • What other solutions does Parkingeye's ANPR integrate with?

    We’ve worked on and managed thousands of car parks, and no two are the same. That’s why, in addition to ANPR, we work hard to provide all of the flexible parking solutions and functionality to meet whatever needs you may have, including payment machines, handheld devices, pre-payment apps, real-time diagnostics, permit management systems, barriers and much, much more.

See how we can make your car park management easy

Whatever problems you’re having with your car park, whether it’s a design fault, issues with abuse or a loss of revenue, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us; we’d be more than happy to chat with a potential client, regardless of the sector that they’re in.

Fill in the relevant details, along with your enquiry, problem or concern and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.