Transforming the customer experience to create market differentiation

Transforming the customer experience

There’s a secret super underground car park in London where owners pay thousands of pounds a year to leave their vehicles.
Dubbed the Batcave by staff who work there, each customer is given the VIP treatment. When they arrive, their car is given a 360-degree check, before being hand-washed and valeted then fully air-dried. It is then photographed for the owner, placed in slip-on covers referred to as pyjamas and stored in a temperature-controlled environment, ready to be driven at any moment.

Admittedly, these are some of the best and most expensive cars on the road. Million-pound vehicles such as Bugatti’s and Ferrari’s join a luxurious line-up of Lamborghini’s and Jaguars. There is, however, also a much-loved 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser that uses the facility and, for a short time, a very basic Austin Metro City, joined the regal ranks.
As customer service goes, that’s impressive. The down-side is it caters for a strictly limited number of people – basically, the cash-rich, time-poor individual.

Closer to home, transforming the customer car park experience for drivers doesn’t have to cost them – or you – headache-inducing sums of money.
Parking is an essential part of being a motorist. Whether it’s an office car park used every day, a shopping centre site used a couple of times a week, or a multi-storey airport facility used once or twice a year, it is essential to create a positive parking experience for every user – not just a select few.
Effective, efficient and affordable car park management keeps individuals and industry moving. Without it, everyone pays a hefty price.
But how can you, as a car park owner or manager, transform the customer experience?

The most important first step is to speak to a car park management company that has the knowledge and experience to provide the right support for your individual site.
Innovation is as crucial as investment, so make sure the company you approach are leading specialists in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. This state-of-the-art solution provides 24/7 management of your car park and offers a flexible, scalable, resilient resolution to most issues faced.
Every car park has a purpose, whether that is free parking for customers; free or permit parking for staff; limited stay; pay and display; or a mixture of these. You need to ensure the advice you are given is bespoke to your business.

Ideally, this should be from a car park management company that has a history of working with a variety of different clients and sectors such as the NHS; pubs and restaurants; supermarkets; hotels; motorway services and transport sites; shopping centres and retail outlets; universities and other educational facilities; and leisure and tourism attractions.

This extensive level of service delivery will guarantee experience in flexible, integrated solutions covering all areas affecting customer experience including:

  • Space turnover
  • On-site security
  • Digital parking permits
  • Payment options including the friction-less, fully automated Good2Go solution; pay-on-exit and Pay & Display
  • Correct use of reserved and disabled parking spaces
  • Digital parking permits
  • Managing drop-off areas
  • Car park abuse

At ParkingEye our customers range from large, complex sites with a variety of multi-purpose car parks to small surface sites of around 15 spaces that operate as limited stay, permit or pay and display.
Each of our clients has an account manager who understands their vision and works in partnership with them to ensure that individual needs are met.
If you would like to find out more about any of the solutions mentioned in this article or how you can transform you’re the car park experience for your customers, don’t call for the Caped Crusader!

Get in touch with ParkingEye today.

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