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We stop parking abuse and help our clients ensure genuine customers can find a space

Car park management for pubs & restaurants

Across the country, the majority of pubs and restaurants offer free parking to genuine customers who then spend money on-site. While this sounds like a great idea on paper, the reality is that these free spaces tend to also be used by those who aren’t patrons of your pub or restaurant.

Not only does this force genuine customers to go elsewhere, possibly to competitors, but it can also vastly reduce footfall to the business – in some cases up to 25%. Pubs, in particular, are struggling at the moment, so they need every advantage possible to maximise custom. Being able to offer a parking space to genuine customers is vital for many pubs and restaurants.

In fact, before they installed car park management, many of our clients found their car park was being abused by:

  • Customers or staff of local businesses
  • Patrons leaving their vehicles overnight
  • Car sharing commuters
  • Local residents

ParkingEye knows how important the customer experience is to our clients. Our simple solutions ensure a secure, abuse-free site that benefits both patron and client. Whether it’s installing ANPR cameras, payment machines with the option to refund customers, or manual ticketing, we help to provide:

  • A safe, easy place to park
  • Available spaces for genuine customers, free from misuse
  • Free of charge parking for genuine customers
  • Straightforward payment that’s easy to understand, reliable and secure

Our ANPR-supported solutions can also help to optimise throughput, so guests can relax and enjoy their time in the pub or restaurant without worrying about getting back to their car. Additionally, for sites that do choose to charge, ANPR technology can ensure that visitors are charged accurately, depending on their length of stay.

With an optimal balance between market cost, value, innovation and operational service, our system puts the client at the forefront of everything we do.

Furthermore, our flexible solutions can provide the opportunity to charge guests during out-of-hours times, providing a new margin-rich revenue stream without any of the hassle. ParkingEye’s dedicated team will take care of everything and advertise your spaces to thousands of motorists across the UK.


“We had an issue with space availability which was compounded by non-customers using the site and some poor parking practices. The ParkingEye team transformed the site in a matter of weeks with minimum fuss – congestion is a thing of the past, there’s adequate space for hungry customers and complaints are non-existent. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Josh Reeve, Business Manager, McDonalds Restaurants


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