Are city workers stealing your revenue?

That might sound like a strong statement, but if your car park is being used by those that are not your staff, you could be missing out on a valuable revenue stream by not operating a pay and display or pre-booking service to capitalise on that space.

As more workers are beginning to return to the office, it is important that you take steps to regain control of your car park and start turning spaces; that were previously abused; to your advantage.

Office worker crossing the road in a busy city centre
Office worker crossing the road in a busy city centre

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How are you potentially losing revenue?

Your car park is an asset. One that can be used to generate additional revenue for your business. If your car park is in a premium location where public parking is difficult, you can utilise the quieter periods for your business to make parking available to the public. For example, offering a pay and display system on the weekend when your business is closed or pre-booking to make use of any surplus spaces.

By not protecting your site from abuse by the public, you run the risk of there not being enough room on your car park for your staff or your visitors and customers. You’re also cutting yourself off from a valuable revenue stream that can be invested back into your car park and wider business.


How do you stop abuse on your car park?

Abuse means your spaces aren’t being used by those who are authorised to use them. Whether this is staff being unable to park somewhere convenient for a shift, clients and customers being unable to easily access your services or people with a specific requirement being unable to access your priority spaces. These are all huge problems that can have a significant impact on the way your business operates.

Taking control of that abuse is important, as it allows you to eliminate issues plaguing a site. There are many ways to cut abuse on your car park.

  • ANPR blended barriers can help to restrict access to only authorised vehicles
  • Permits allow you to allocate parking based on need and are a great way to help manage the return to work
  • Bay Enforcement allows you to protect specific spaces on your site, such as EV Chargers or blue badge bays
  • ANPR allows you to monitor and track the usage of your site in general, giving you valuable insight into the levels of abuse and how to combat them.

How do you capitalise on potential revenue streams?

Getting rid of abuse doesn’t necessarily get rid of demand. People trying to use your car park when they shouldn’t emphasise that there is a requirement for space in the area.

You can turn that demand to your advantage with several easy to implement solutions. Firstly, you need to look at the capacity of your car park and how much space you have to spare. This might be more than you think, especially if your return-to-work plan involves more flexible working hours, such as hybrid working or staggard start and finishing times.

A pay and display element to your site, coupled with parking permits for your staff, would allow you to offer free parking to your team while still generating revenue from other motorists. This would also let you capitalise on your car park when it isn’t being used by your business, for example, overnight or during weekends.

You could also utilise pre-booking by allowing motorists looking for somewhere to park to arrange and pay for their stay in advance. You only list the space you have spare, meaning demand and access never inconvenience the running of your business. These solutions allow you to access potentially unrealised revenue streams that can be reinvested back into your business, improving services and facilities on your site.

How can we help you make more of your car park?

At Parkingeye, we work with businesses across all sectors, understanding their specific needs and requirements. By working alongside you and understanding exactly what you need to accomplish on your car park, we’re able to transform your site into a major asset for your business.

To find out more about our services and how we can help you retake control of your car park, get in touch below…