Abersoch Golf Club

Improved security, rising revenues and virtually eradicated abuse helps make life easier for one of the most breath-taking golf courses in Wales.

Abersoch Golf Club car park on the coastline
Abersoch Golf Club car park on the coastline

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About Abersoch Golf Club

Renowned not only for its exquisitely maintained course, Abersoch Golf Club also proves popular thanks to the utterly breath-taking views it affords along the Cambrian Coast to nearby Snowdonia.

Ranked in the top 15 golf courses in Wales, Abersoch Golf Club attracts almost 700 annual members and a further 2,500 guest visitors. However, these customers were facing driving issues before their round began.

Abersoch Golf Club has two car parks: one located alongside the clubhouse, and a second situated near the beach. The latter sees a large footfall from beach-goers as well as golfers, yet would regularly experience parking abuse resulting in reduced revenue mainly due to its manual ticketing process. Though a solution minimised some of the problems, the issue didn’t disappear entirely. Instead, the problem shifted further along the coastal road to the clubhouse car park.

Naturally, Abersoch Golf Club members and visitors would feel frustrated when they were unable to find a space near to the course to lug their clubs to the course or clubhouse. As any golfer will understand, teeing off while frustrated usually doesn’t bode well.

Club Manager, Dai Davies, shares the challenges faced and solutions implemented for Abersoch Golf Club.

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Reliance on a manual process: “We were employing a parking attendant, which caused issues with consistency and reliability. Processes weren’t always adhered to, and we found ourselves having to solely rely on a person being in attendance to manage the car park. This also meant that if they were absent from work, we wouldn’t generate any revenue that day.”

Revenue generation: Making sure that those using the beach car park were paying for it wasn’t always straightforward, but we knew it should have been. We needed the ability to generate revenue 24/7.”

Security concerns: “We were handling large amounts of cash which created a different set of headaches, as you can imagine.”

It was this combination of challenges which led Abersoch Golf Club to take action. By embracing a more technology-based solution, it’s helped them realise the efficiencies and revenue potential the management felt they could gain from more effectively-managed sites.

The Parkingeye Solution

We introduced Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology (ANPR) to Abersoch Golf Course’s car parks, allowing for complete automation and, ultimately, greater reliability and efficiency. Payment machines were also installed, which linked to the ANPR cameras through image processing servers, wireless communication devices and connectivity technologies.

“Moving to payment machines has improved the process no end. Having cash collected by a specialist firm gives us complete peace of mind. As hoped, we’ve now seen a dramatic reduction in abuse in both car parks, and a 20% increase in revenue.”

“The day-to-day difference is startling. I couldn’t believe there was no cost attached, too. Everything was installed for free, it was a complete no-brainer.”

“The planning stage of the process allowed us to highlight an area of apprehension: we are located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and we didn’t want anything to disturb that” admitted Dai. “Our account manager talked us through the options, and sure enough, the whole system looks discrete and neat.”



The Benefits of Working with Parkingeye

Dai adds… “From the initial contact, through to the site visit, planning, implementation and ongoing management, the efficiency and standard of work, combined with Parkingeye’s human touch, has been exceptional. Our account manager is the same today as when we first had the system installed four years ago which is a huge benefit. She knows our organisation and the project inside out and is always on hand to help. The process is fine-tuned and hassle-free, I can’t fault Parkingeye’s service.”

“The absence of capital investment required means opting for Parkingeye’s car park solutions makes perfect business sense. The quality of infrastructure installed, and the ongoing level of service has left me headache-free for what I can comfortably presume to be many years to come.”

To find out more about how Parkingeye can help your business, contact us today.



  • The day to day difference is startling. We’ve had great feedback from members and staff alike. Parking no longer needs to be a headache for our guests, meaning their visit doesn’t get off on the wrong foot.

    Dai Davies, Club Manager

    Abersoch Golf Club

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