Car Park Management for Educational Sites

School, college & university parking solutions

Car park management for universities, colleges & schools

Many colleges and universities tend to manage the car parks in house by their own security staff, which can be time consuming and hard to police due to the size of the estate. The most common issues we come across are:

  • Oversubscribed car parks during term time
  • Expensive/ageing barrier systems
  • Non payers
  • Increased number of student and staff parking permits

ParkingEye understands that when it comes to the educational sector, car park management is at the bottom of the list due to limited resource and funds. ParkingEye take the stress and pressure away from our clients by providing a full car park management service; including permit management, installation and maintenance of equipment and enforcement of the parking rules set by the site.



University, college & school car park systems

When we begin discussing the parking problems with educational sites we find out how they currently manage the sites and their aims for a new system. The systems they tend to have in place before ParkingEye are often outdated, unreliable and innovation is required. With the use of an ANPR car park management system ParkingEye are able to fully manage the entire estate, which in turn releases the current resource for more productive tasks within the university/college.

The solutions that usually suit educational sites include:

  • ANPR cameras
  • Virtual permit system and digital permit management
  • Payment machines
  • Manual ticketing

Going live with ParkingEye

After a full review of the estate has been conducted and aims are understood, ParkingEye discuss the proposed implementation process with our clients to ensure that the university/college are fully aware of what to expect and how the solution will be used to overcome the parking problems on site. A communication plan would then be drawn up to make sure that all students/staff are informed about the new system to eliminate any negative publicity. Once the system is installed and BPA approved signage is put up, it would only be those who abuse the site who receive a Parking Charge Notice, resulting in the right spaces being free for the right people.


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