Car Park Management for Educational Sites

School, college & university parking solutions

University, college and school car park management

Our work in the education sector has made us the standout expert in this field. The Education facilities that we provide car park management services for are optimising capacity, generating new margin-rich revenue streams and providing a seamless parking experience for their users.

This is instead of having to tackle issues around…

  • Managing the car park internally with your own staff which is inefficient and time consuming
  • Over-subscribed car parks during term time
  • Expensive or out-of-date barrier systems
  • Misuse and abuse of the car park

Car parks are essential for serving education centres of all sizes. At a school, students arrive/go home at the same time each day, as will most of the teaching staff. Parental parking for the purposes of collecting kids will usually be separate to teacher parking areas to guarantee that teaching staff can arrive, park and work. This mixed-needs environment benefits from smart permit allocation and well-managed bulk allocations and exclusion zones.

ANPR-enabled virtual permits remove the worry from students who no longer need to be concerned about parking overstays when a class runs late, or having to fumble for change in the glovebox, or failing to put permits/ID on the dash. Instead, a needs-based application, which considers special circumstances such as car-sharing (attracting a ‘Green permit’), disabilities and electric cars, can provide a highly tailored experience.

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car parking at university building

The ParkingEye process

When we sit down with clients looking for car park management in education institutions to discuss their issues, it’s important that we find out how their site is currently managed, and what they aim to achieve with a new system in place. It’s often the case that the system they currently have in place is outdated and unreliable; our innovative ANPR car park management system allows for extensive management of the entire estate.

Our tailored solutions for educational sites include:

  • ANPR cameras
  • Virtual permit system and digital permit management
  • Payment machines
  • Manual ticketing
  • Maximising revenue from permits
  • Data analytics to identify peaks and troughs
  • Flexible paperless permits to manage different zones/CPs


professor and students at university

Going live with ParkingEye

After fully inspecting the site and understanding the client’s aims, we’ll talk through our proposed solutions, after which we’ll draw up a communication plan, so all students and staff are informed of the new system.

Once everything is installed and BPA-approved signage is put in place, your site is good to go and ready to be used in the manner intended.

We’re also an approved provider of the new Car Park & Infrastructure framework as part of the NHS Shared Business Services Framework, helping your car park oversee improved throughput and profitability.

This allows you to save valuable time and money due to a reduction in the often-lengthy procurement process, the while complying with OJEU regulations – giving you 100% confidence that you are receiving best-in-class solutions.


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