Technology and Payment Solutions

If you are looking to monetise your car park or improve on your current payment system read on to see what your options are...

There are a number of different payment options that can be installed in a car park – each offering their own benefits…


Pay & Display

These machines are the traditional method of car park payment, relying on customers purchasing a ticket from a ticket machine and displaying it on their windscreen or dashboard. Often used on sites and multi-storey car parks where access barrier systems are not installed, it often requires the customer to pay for a set length of time prior to leaving the car park.

Pay on foot

A variant of Pay & Display, in which drivers are issued a ticket at a barrier upon entering the car park. Upon leaving, the driver inserts the ticket into a machine which calculates the amount based on the duration of stay.

This can offer the drivers greater flexibility, as they do not have to estimate their duration of stay upon arrival. Examples of pay on foot include:

Next generation payment kiosks

Smart-city services have seen the rise of next-generation payment kiosks which do away with the need for physical tickets, have touch-screen capabilities, and provide customers with a range of payment options to suit their needs and provide change.

On-screen vehicle matching technology reduces manual entry errors, helping to minimise occurrences of missed payments.

Next-gen payment kiosks can be integrated with ANPR technology to ensure anyone leaving without making payment will receive a PCN.

Payment and exemptions via terminals in-store

A great free-flow solution which captures vehicle data on entry without the need for barriers or typical payments-on-site. Cameras simply transmit data to terminals inside the building where visitors can register to receive discounted or exempt parking. If you’re suffering from abuse by unwanted vehicles, this is a perfect solution as this ensures only genuine customers can use your site, with those not registered being issued with a Parking Charge Notice. If you’re a busy hotel, this self-serve solution could help streamline the check-in/check-out process and free up busy reception staff.

Cashless solutions

Certain advances in modern technology now allow for a number of new opportunities to pay without the need for physical money. This streamlines processes, reduces costs and increases revenues for car park operators and also enhances the customer experience.

The site owners also benefit, since the payment machines need less maintenance, and with less cash on the premises, there is a lower risk of abuse and theft.

Examples of cashless solutions include:

Pre-booking platforms

Platforms, such as Glyde Spaces, allow customers to pre-book parking spaces to rent or lease on a short or long-term basis. This helps to alleviate congestion, reduce vehicle emissions and improve local neighbourhoods/communities by freeing up the spaces that businesses and residents would usually compete for.

The solution can create new margin-rich revenue by utilising space the owner may not even be aware was available. Free spaces are then promoted to motorists looking for parking nearby with zero admin as it’s all handled online, supported by powerful ANPR occupancy data.

For drivers, on-site signage can provide all the information they need to make easy online bookings and payments.

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With mobile phones incorporating credit and debit card functionality, smartphone payments are increasingly replacing payment cards and cash for smaller transactions. Customers can simply tap or wave the phone at the payment terminal, allowing for a more convenient process, with less time spent queueing as a result. Most terminals offer the option to dial a number and select a car park reference number.

The site owners also benefit, since the payment machines require less maintenance.

Good2go ANPR sign up

Touted as the next step in the evolution of cashless payments, good2go makes use of ANPR technology to provide an entirely streamlined, hassle-free solution. Once they’ve signed up, customers simply enter and exit any designated good2go car park, allowing ANPR cameras to calculate and then deduct payment automatically based on duration.

Permit solutions

Juggling multiple user-type car parks, such as those supporting hospitals where certain areas are reserved for staff, can be difficult to keep track of. Our permit management software makes things easier; by automating the majority of the admin typically involved. This creates a more efficient process for organisations handling large parking volumes or different user types.

Our permit management software includes a number of other features to make the process as smooth as possible, including:

• No need to duplicate information from paper applications thanks to digital management.
• Full tracking of changes to information by administrator/user/permit holder.
• A client-dictated needs-based scoring criteria that ensures proper allocation.
• Up-to-date progress of permit application and status upon approval.
• Full communication and updates in the event of any car park changes.
• ANPR syncing capabilities, meaning permits are authorised and go live instantly.

Revenue Generators

In closing, there is much to consider when it comes to car park management. Managing things as effectively as possible is not only about providing appropriate and accessible parking for genuine users but also the need to increase revenue, which can be done in a number of different ways.

  • Ensure space availability to maximise revenue for your business.
  • The site must be organised and designed in a way to provide optimal accessibility.
  • A variety of payment choice to ensure high compliance rates.
  • Promotional code and advertising capability with integrated payment kiosks to drive footfall.
  • Free-flow solutions such as good2go to encourage repeat visits.
  • Pre-booking options to fill unused space, and provide a margin-rich revenue stream.
  • Permit tariffs based on vehicle engine size, CO2 emissions, etc.