Small Space Parking

Your car park doesn't have to contain a large amount of spaces to be effective. Rather, maximising the efficiency of small car parks ensures the spaces you do have are available to your genuine customers. Read on to find out more...

Planning and Design

It’s something of a common misconception that providing the maximum amount of parking spaces is the best way to manage parking. Rather, it’s about ensuring that spaces remain available to those needing them the most. In the case of small spaces where the number of bays is much-reduced compared to other sites, it’s important that the site is designed and managed in a way that doesn’t create a free-for-all.

Small space parking sites, such as those near corner shops or small businesses, have to take into account the peaks and troughs associated with busy and quiet periods throughout the day.

You’ll also have to consider the size and location of the area’s employment, retail and visitor sectors. Who is most likely to use these limited spaces and how often? Additionally, are you likely to have any competition from nearby sites?

Most common problems and solutions

It’s often perceived that market towns where small space parking is common don’t have ‘enough’ parking at times. Rather, it’s more the case that the available parking is being managed poorly and inefficiently. Instead of more parking, look to properly enforce regulations, weigh up demand and ensure space isn’t being used illegally or inconsiderately.

Do you have an issue with unauthorised parking?

If so having an appropriate deterrent on site can really help. We have a wide range of customisable solutions to manage car parks from 15 spaces into the thousands. From bespoke solutions and strategies to enforcement, monitoring and reporting, we do it all.

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At times, parking space might detract from the attractiveness of the surrounding area, deterring visitors and affecting amenities in the process. It’s important that your potential spaces don’t intrude into the public realm; ‘gateway’ parking that’s located away from sensitive areas, with attractive walking routes and appropriate signage provides people with a place to park without cluttering the public sphere.

Poorly considered tariffs can also be a big problem, turning away the motorists and visitors a town centre needs to thrive. Intelligent and flexible pricing tariffs can come in useful here, encouraging shoppers, commuters and tourists to the right areas, offering discounts and special rates where necessary.

Understanding when your busy and quiet periods are can enable you to implement pricing strategies at different periods of the day. Whether that be daytime, evening or weekends.

Recommended technology

Dynamic pricing can be highly beneficial, meeting demand during busy periods and helping deal with the issue of improper tariffs. It eliminates the issues of static pricing, making for more efficient management of your park. It also provides the night time economy with plenty of space by opening up the car park for a multitude of purposes, as opposed to single use.


Improper parking can be minimised through ANPR technology, keeping track of those entering and exiting your site and helping to correctly identify those misusing facilities. It also eliminates the need for a barrier, which can create congestion and take away from the visuals of the surrounding areas.

Glyde’s parking solution technology can help smaller sites maximise their parking capacity by introducing them to motorists looking for private parking spaces in sought-after locations. The technology also produces unique customer insights and data, allowing the space owners to maximise performance and revenue.