Ethical Enforcement

You have a number of options to consider when implementing enforcement on your premises - read on to find out more.

How you choose to ensure that your site’s rules are appropriately enforced is another factor you’ll have to consider. Handily, there are a number of ways you can stop improper parking etiquette from spreading.

Manned attendants

On-site attendants can help to bolster the proper use of your site by delivering a variety of day-to-day roles, chief among them the ability to issue manual parking charge notices through our proprietary PARKS app.

An innovative application designed to improve car park activity, the PARKS app is centrally configured and managed through our internal car park management platform, and includes the following integrated features:

  • Patrol and observation functionality.
  • Integration with camera functionality, allowing for BPA-compliant parking charge notices to be issued.
  • Integration with Parking Charge Notice (PCN) printer using Bluetooth.
  • Automatic synchronisation using smartphone data connection, minimising instances of data loss.

Parking Enforcement Officers

Well-versed in conflict management, solo working, site health & safety, first aid, and fully SIA-trained, parking enforcement officers make sure your car park runs as smoothly as possible. From directing motorists and providing payment machine maintenance to supporting Blue Badge holders with mobility issues, they can also offer the following:

  • Customer service representation
  • Enforcement patrols – obstructive parking, double yellow line parking, failing to display Blue Badges, etc.
  • Health & safety/first aid
  • Litter disposal and on-site maintenance

Keeping your car park protected is essential. For more information on parking enforcement, check out our article on theft and loss prevention.

Enforcement of Parking Charge Notices (PCNs)

Legal proceedings

Although we only pursue legal action as a last resort, we are highly rigorous in our auditing process prior to issuing any court claim. While less than 2% of parking charges result in court proceedings, claims are quality checked with daily feedback from management, ensuring you’re in good hands if you wish to take things further.

We implement 21-point checks prior to issuing a PCN, ensuring the greatest levels of accuracy. Furthermore, we have the best upheld rate of the major operators with POPLA, the independent parking ombudsman.

Do you have an issue with unauthorised parking?

If so having an appropriate deterrent on site can really help. We have a wide range of customisable solutions to manage car parks from 15 spaces into the thousands. From bespoke solutions and strategies to enforcement, monitoring and reporting, we do it all.

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As the leading provider of Automatic Number Plate Recognition on private land, we’re proud to offer customers the results they need from their car park without the huge expense

How does ANPR work?

A highly accurate system that’s capable of reading number plates through the use of high-speed image capture, ANPR uses a series of image manipulation techniques to detect, normalise and enhance images, using optical character recognition to extract the letters and numbers featured on number plates.

This results in a set of metadata that contains a vehicle’s number plate and the decoded text of the plate.

How do we enforce ANPR?

ParkingEye’s approach to ANPR infractions ensures that any violations are enforced in an ethically sound manner. With a team of almost 400 specialists working tirelessly to keep your site operating in a smooth, streamlined way, our customers can rest easy in the knowledge that they’re in safe hands.

Our appeals team of over 60 specially-trained experts has access to your site’s details, using this valuable information to work with each motorist, determining whether the evidence provided is enough to accept their appeal.

If an appeal is rejected, then the industry’s independent ombudsman, POPLA, deals with the resulting disputes as well as any upheld PCNs. POPLA’s findings can be particularly useful to a business looking for the right car park management partner.

For more information on ethical enforcement, download our Car Park Provider guide, here.