New Year, New Revenue Streams

Every new year it’s important to take stock of the previous twelve months,

  • What could you do differently?
  • What do you want to change?
  • What goals do you want to achieve?

Doing this lets you set out a plan, the targets, and goals you want to hit to make the next year count. That thinking can be applied to your car park, and depending on the goal you have in mind, there’s a lot you can do to help boost your site’s performance.

New Year New Revenue Streams
New Year New Revenue Streams

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New revenue streams through streamlined parking payments

Your car park generates revenue from multiple sources, from paying for parking to additional services that help you support users on your site.

Improving your user experience and creating a smoother process for paying for parking helps to boost the rate your car park generates revenue at. From the traditional cash-based pay & display machine through to more cutting-edge payment options.

Putting the right payment options in your visitors’ hands is crucial. Whether that means using contactless payment terminals to eliminate queues, or services like pre-booking or app-based payments to give people more control over their parking.

Doing this creates less chance for payment errors, better payment compliance and additional revenue for your car park. These are simple changes to make too, quick tweaks to an existing system that makes life easier for everyone using your car park.

You could even use solutions that support your staff, such as parking permits, to drive additional revenue. If you have extra space on your car park you can assign those spaces to a parking permit, then you can sell those permits to motorists or other businesses in the area looking for parking.

Better understanding

Going further and adding new solutions to your car park can be daunting, especially with the range of choices available. It’s easy to be faced with a degree of analysis paralysis.

Thankfully your car park can tell you exactly what it needs.

All car parks generate a massive amount of data, from how many people are using your car park to the preferred payment methods being used, to more granular information like the fuel types of vehicles using your site.

The data your car park generates can be used to track changing habits, shifting trends, and emerging new requirements.

This data, when properly understood can be the perfect steer that a car park needs.


Occupancy data

Occupancy data can help you understand the potential for pre-booking – helping you to offer a new service and support your car park visitors. This helps visitors plan their trip in advance while allowing you to monetise surplus space on your car park.

Revitalise your parking

Fuel analysis

Fuel analysis data can identify the changing habits of your visitors, electric vehicle use is on the rise, and the demand for EV chargers is growing. If you want to invest in EV charging tracking this data can help you support visitors making the switch to EV at the right scale.


Payment data

Payment data lets you identify how people are paying for parking, this lets you adjust your payment solutions, removing ones that aren’t being used or expanding your offering to provide greater convenience.

Cashless Payments

Leveraging your data properly helps to create a better parking experience, one guided by insight and the ability to change course and direction based on accurate information. This helps make sure you’re investing in the right area, so you’re not only generating more revenue but spending money in the right way helping your investment go further too.

New year, new opportunities

Refining what’s already in place on your car park is a fantastic starting point, but to really expand a site’s revenue potential you need to look at what other steps you can take, beyond simply paying for parking.

Introducing services like pre-booking or EV charging can help you tap into new demand, drive new visitors to your car park and boost footfall (and in the process sales) while accessing new paid parking and charging revenue.

But there are other options that can enhance your site further.

Parcel lockers, for example, allow you to take unused space on your car park and rent that out to companies that provide the public with the opportunity to collect or drop off packages in a secure locker.

This generates a passive income for your site, creates a valuable new service for visitors and by attracting new users it can also provide a noticeable boost to sales and footfall.



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Helping your car park reach its full potential

A car park has a wealth of untapped potential, which with the right solutions and support, can transform your business.

At Parkingeye, we understand the pressures businesses across the UK are under, and the valuable resource that a car park can be. This is why we work with you, identifying the strengths and potential of your car park, before helping you put the solutions in place that can make your car park more user-friendly while tapping into unrealised revenue streams.

To find out more about car park management and how it can help your car park realise its true revenue potential get in touch using our form.