Make the most from your car parking asset

As the leading ANPR car park management company in the UK we know a lot about car park operation. Our technology provides deep insights into car park usage and trends, which allows us to use this information to provide a variety of reporting and relevant services to improve the operation and potential of our client’s car parks.

With ParkingEye’s ANPR cameras in place on your site, it’s possible to identify exactly when your site has available parking spaces and how many can be made available on a short, medium or long-term basis to motorists searching for a place to park.

Fully managed contract parking service

The ParkingEye contract parking solution takes all the stress and time out of administering your own permits; from creating and distributing permits to making sure people are up to date with payments.

With us, you just need to sit back and wait for the parking revenue to arrive, safe in the knowledge that business will be uninterrupted, the car park is reaching its earning potential and that by renting your spaces, people aren’t driving around searching for them, meaning you’re reducing pollution and congestion in the local area.

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