Car Park Management Solutions

Providing Solutions to companies to effectively manage their car parks. We can help decrease abuse, increase compliance & maximise parking revenue

Car park management solutions for your business

ParkingEye’s wide range of car park management solutions and services means we are able to overcome a wide range of parking issues.

As the market leaders in car park management, we specialise in helping your business prosper and thrive using ANPR technology, to improve customer experience and drive an increase in footfall to your premises. Through effective and ethical enforcement, we can ensure that there is sufficient free space in your car park so that authorised users always have the ability to use your services rather than being forced to take their custom elsewhere.

We can also increase your revenues by bringing more customers to you, driving payment rates up through a streamlined experience and creating parking revenue that didn’t exist before. In most cases, we’ll even pay for and install the equipment at zero cost to you.

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Why is unauthorised usage a problem?

Parking abuse prevents authorised visitors from using your car park, creating access and capacity issues. It pushes up management and maintenance costs while wasting time and creating stress for you and your customers. When considering how to address this, it’s important to assess the site-specific challenge that’s occurring as there are a range of solutions available.

Is your car park lined to accurately illustrate spacing? Is it clearly marked for use by authorised personnel only? Have you installed signage to discourage misuse? Who is abusing the parking area? Are motorists seeking to avoid Pay & Display charges at a nearby public car park? Are workers at one of the surrounding businesses parking on your site because spaces are limited at their workplace?

Unauthorised parking by shoppers, for example, often occurs in town centres where public parking is scarce or there are strict rules on free parking. These scenarios require different solutions.

Handling parking abuse on private land is usually the responsibility of the landowner or real estate agent. This section will introduce you to the available solutions so you can take back control of your space management.

Understanding your options

Whether your car park requires a manned or ANPR-based camera solution, software technology like virtual permitting or hardware like barriers, depends on exact usage. Different commercial ‘models’ are available to provide enforcement across a range of sectors, from residential use and retail to hotels, sports & leisure facilities.

Your chosen parking solutions partner will need to know some general information in the first instance; for example, the date the building/parking area was constructed (for compliance with construction regulations), and expected timescales for the solution to be installed. They can also advise on any training that may be required for on-site staff.


Car Park Management Services

We manage a wide range of different sites by the rules set out by the landowner. From pay & display to free limited stay & drop-off zones, our solutions can be tailored to suit the vast majority of requirements.

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Managing, Monitoring & Reporting on Your Car Parks

Having an in-depth knowledge of how your site is used, including busy or quiet times will help you manage it better going forwards. Our wide range of reports, analytics & management tools can help you to reduce costs, increase revenue & ensure the spaces on your site are used by the right people.

Systems & Equipment

ParkingEye's industry leading systems and equipment manage car parks 24/7, 365 days a year if required. Our systems are built to last and can be customised to suit our client's needs. Find out more here.

Parking Issue Resolution

Whatever the issue on your site, ParkingEye have a solution to help you manage it. We manage thousands of sites nationwide & tackle issues such as non-payment, overstays to paid or free time, unauthorised parking in restricted areas & a variety of other parking issues. Find out more here.

Car Parking Consultancy

ParkingEye has been managing car parks from pre-build stage, during times of change & for well established sites for many years. Our clients value the consultative approach we take to their car park management at all stages of their time with us & we offer a variety of advice & consultancy services to new clients as well as existing.

Enforcement Services

Car parks without enforcement are seen as empty threats & often get abused, even when signage is up and enforcement notices are sent. Ensure your car park rules are taken seriously & let us effectively manage your site. We run car parks based on the rules our clients give us. See more here.

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Since 2004 ParkingEye has grown from a pioneering provider into a market-leader who provides a wide range of ANPR, Pay & Display, permit and manned solutions to ease parking pain for healthcare sites across the UK, giving them the capabilities to work and park effortlessly in a highly connected world.

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