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We take pride in the quality of the solutions we provide.

Over the past 12 years we have created a detailed end to end process including self sufficient system functionality and a range of manual checks that are all completed in house. Everything from the initial go live of a car park to a Parking Charge Notice being issued and the subsequent fully audited appeals process has been developed and implemented in house to suit the requirements of our clients and their sites.

Our systems are flexible, so no matter what nuances each car park has, we can tailor them to suit the rules laid out by our clients.

Technical ownership

As well as all of our clients having a dedicated account manager, each site also has a technical owner who works with our internal operations team and is responsible for the performance of all of the equipment on site. They ensure our nationwide engineering team perform inside the agreed SLAs to meet business needs and expectations.

Back office processing

Fundamental to our operational processes is ParkingEye’s in-house back-office management system. The incorporated modules have all been designed from scratch and we currently have the third generation of systems in place since we started operations in 2004. It remains one of the primary reasons why we have been able to achieve, sustain and grow our market leading position in the car parking industry.

Our IT teams are constantly reviewing, monitoring and tweaking the systems to ensure we remain efficient, effective and fully compliant.


ParkingEye is the market leader in the car park management sector using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems, supporting the largest privately-owned database of ANPR data in Europe.

The ANPR cameras that are used across our estate are the focus of a huge part of our research and development. Our solution utilises the best components available in terms of camera and software technology which are incorporated into our overall solution supported by our own back-office system.

Our in-house specialists are continuously reviewing the camera statistics and developing enhancements in order to improve their accuracy and minimise down time.


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