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Car Park solutions in full swing at Abersoch Golf Club

Abersoch Golf Club is renowned not only for its exquisitely maintained course, but also its utterly breath-taking views along the Cambrian Coast to the nearby Snowdonia.

Ranked in the top 15 golf courses in Wales, Abersoch Golf Club attracts almost 700 annual members and a further 2,500 guest visitors. However, these customers were facing driving issues before their round began Abersoch Golf Club has two car parks: one located alongside the clubhouse, and a second situated near the beach. The latter sees a large footfall from beach-goers as well as golfers, yet would regularly experience parking abuse resulting in reduced revenue, primarily due to inefficiencies with the manual ticketing process. Once a solution was enforced – whilst greatly reduced – the issue didn’t disappear entirely. Instead, the problem shifted further along the coastal road to the clubhouse car park.

Naturally, Abersoch Golf Club members and visitors would feel frustrated when they were unable to find a space near to the course and would have to lug their clubs to the course or clubhouse. As any golfer will understand, teeing off frustrated usually doesn’t bode well…

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