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“Benefits of having ParkingEye monitor our car parks is that we have seen a drop in non-genuine customer parking on site. We operate a strictly no parking policy on site when the store is closed, ParkingEye have helped with this and also there has been a drop in anti-social behaviour as the cameras and signs act as a deterrent.”

Outside of the more obvious sectors with car park management needs, ParkingEye works with a multitude of different outlet brands, standalone retailers, professional services and healthcare brands. In addition, increasingly, we’re working with large businesses with dedicated car parks that need more effective management measures for both staff and visitor parking.

Whilst the nature of the businesses and organisations may be different, the issues across all these sectors have much in common, such as:

  • Abuse from customers and staff of local businesses
  • Motorists leaving vehicles overnight
  • Criminal activity taking place

ParkingEye offer a broad range of car park management options meaning we can tailor our solutions to suit YOUR specific requirements for YOUR site.

Whether that be a mix of different pay and display options, payment solutions, a range of tariff / max-stay / grace periods, permit management, whitelist capabilities, ANPR enforcement or manned attendants, the solutions we provide are market leading and continue to improve year by year.

Our system achieves the optimal balance between market cost, value, innovation, and operational service, always putting the customers at the heart of everything we do.


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