Committed to providing excellent customer service, good value products and a wide range of facilities on their estates, Euro Garages have an ever-expanding portfolio of over 350 forecourt retail sites located throughout mainland UK.

We’ve worked with Euro Garages since 2011, creating a partnership that ensures the customer experience remains at the heart of everything they do.




Euro Garages approached us to address a significant problem that was occurring on a daily basis at some of its sites. Motorists were parking on the forecourts and service areas, using them as car parks and leaving their vehicles for days at a time. This misuse caused the service areas to appear over-crowded and uninviting. The knock-on effect of this led to many other issues, including reduced availability for genuine customers, increased traffic congestion and a downturn in the frequency of customer visits.


The ParkingEye Solution


Euro Garages wanted a cost-effective solution that would serve to reduce congestion and ensure that their car parks were being used appropriately and available to paying customers. ParkingEye’s ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) car park management solution was implemented across the site, comprising of free stay periods and paid parking tariffs.

This solution not only provides an effective method of policing the maximum stay to prevent the use of their car parks by long stay users, but it also affords the client with valuable data in terms of things such as capacity monitoring, frequency of visits and trend analysis.


The Benefits of Working with ParkingEye


The immediate benefits of installing their facilities with ANPR technology included the increased availability of spaces to paying customers, clear signage set up across the estate, easier, more flexible payment options and an increase in the number of visits from legitimate motorists and customers.

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As a member of the Approved Operator Scheme, ParkingEye ensures that all of our signage is ample, clear and visible, as decreed by the British Parking Association (BPA)’s code of practice. Our work with Euro Garages is just one example of the pride we take in being able to offer a professional service which our clients can trust in, that’s also fully compliant with all industry standards.