Top 5 Tricks to Sort Out Your School’s Problematic Parking


Everyday’s a school day

We want to share some top bits of trusted advice with you when it comes to supporting the places that, in our view, are the hubs of our local communities.

Whether it’s helping you solve the safety issues of dangerous parking and reducing the instances of public complaints, or giving you ideas to forge stronger community links and even generate additional revenue for your school or college, we’re here to give you the ideas that can really help you out of those tight spots.

So, if you’re a School Leader, and finding that you have bigger things to deal with right now than the issue of parents causing parking chaos (either through driving or complaining), here’s some of the advice we can share to help things run – and drive – a little more smoothly around your school premises.


1. Signs and lines.

Mother and child sign on the road

In any walk of life, we can never overlook the power of a large visible sign or bold set of markings when it comes to getting a message across that’s plain for all to see. Set your rules out in clear, simple and easy-to-read writing – or bold lines and markings on the road – and save your voice and sanity the next time someone claims they didn’t know about the rules. And, if you’re worried about the backlash, be sure to add points to show parents that there may well be times that they can feel free to park on the premises (Parents Evening, etc). Or, even better, organise a school-wide competition to get your students coming up with the signage wording themselves!


2. One in, One out.

Sometimes, ensuring that there’s a little bit of ‘flow’ around your school premises can make the biggest (and most positive) waves. Combine your signs and lines to show parents, visitors and delivery drivers that for ease of access and the safety of staff and students, a one-way system of entering or approaching the premises should be followed. We’re all doing it inside our buildings as a result of Covid-19 anyway, so why not add the outside to the mix?


3. Embrace community links.

Speak with local landlords or business owners who have carparks on their premises, to see if you can use their land as a temporary car park for your school for drop-offs and pick-ups. Providing it doesn’t interfere too much with their trading hours, you might find that the owner is only too happy to help solve a problem that benefits the community in which they reside. It’s an added bonus for them, too, as it quite literally puts them on the radar of potential new customers.


Empty car park with a chiildrens park in the distance4. Raise funds.

Depending on where your school is located, and the type of amenities it sits by in the locality, your parking spaces may prove to be a premium piece of real estate should you wish to hire them out at weekends and out of term time to generate some money that can be pumped straight back into your school. This is already popular with schools that sit in the heart of busy shopping towns, and those that sit closely by local and national railways stations, as they provide an excellent rented parking base for commuters and tourists alike.


5. Seek support.

Remember that any issues relating to dangerous parking and the complaints it causes from parents and other community members affected by the nightmare of the drop-off and pick-up rush hours, do not fall under your sole responsibility. Seek support from your council or your local MP, who can look into things with you or on your behalf to take a stand on problem parking. Alternatively, you can always give us a call or visit our website at to see if any of our options are of use to you and your unique circumstances.



Easily alleviate problems

So, from lines to signs, and community links to rail links, have a think about the steps you can take to make your school a safer and calmer place – for everyone’s mental health and wellbeing as well as the physical. At the very least, you’ll be alleviating problems that you shouldn’t even have to face at all in your busy and challenging role as a School Leader, and in the best case scenario, you may be able to raise some vital funds for your school along the way, too.

Every day’s a school day, so go see what results you can get.



If you would like to find out more about our services, please head over to our car park management solutions page for more information, and get in touch with us today!

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