The technology turning your car park green.

Making a car park a more environmentally conscious place might sound like an impossible task, after all, it is filled with vehicles that produce emissions and are seen as a major cause of the environmental issues the world is taking steps to counteract.

Thankfully, there is a range of technology and solutions that help businesses transform their parking, making their site more environmentally conscious.

Electric car charging in car park
Electric car charging in car park

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Paperless permits & tickets

Getting rid of paper from your site is a great starting point and relatively easy to do.

Switching to digital permits removes paper-based applications and permits, instead using faster, more flexible cloud-based options. This lets you manage permits more easily, reduce admin and get rid of tonnes of unnecessary paper from your car park.

Tracking stays on-site using ANPR or managing bookings through an app eliminates paper tickets too. Receipts and pay & display tickets create an incredible amount of litter and clutter that can be avoided just by modernising your solutions slightly.

The impact of this is you remove a huge amount of paper from your site, streamline services, reduce journeys to restock and maintain machines and save money on not needing to buy replacement tickets, ink, etc.

EV charging

The UK continues to embrace EV technology, and infrastructure to support the increasing number of electric cars on the roads is improving.

Adding EV charging to your car park supports the continued drive towards switching everyone to electric cars. This not only helps your business to support the move towards everyone using vehicles that produce less emissions, but it also helps create another way for you to attract new customers to your site.

Until EV chargers are everywhere, motorists actively seek out access to secure, reliable, and affordable charging. With the right chargers in place on your car park, you can turn your site into a destination for people, which in turn provides access to the invaluable new revenue stream that comes from offering charging, while also boosting footfall and potentially driving additional sales.


Car sharing

One of the best ways to encourage greener ways of travel is to promote visitors to your site car sharing.

Combining multiple commutes amongst your staff into one trip for example can:

  • Remove multiple cars from the road.
  • Ease traffic around your site.
  • Reduce congestion on your car park.
  • Eliminate harmful emissions.
  • Improve air quality.
  • Increase space on your car park for other visitors and customers.

This is the case for every single instance of car sharing on your site, so the overall benefits can build up quickly. It’s also incredibly easy to implement.

We’ve created a first-of-its-kind car sharing element to our permits system allowing drivers and passengers to benefit from better parking when car sharing.

Tracking the success of your solutions

Implementing greener solutions and those solutions having an impact are different things. Thankfully you can chart changes on your car park and the impact solutions are having easily.

ANPR data allows you to track the uptake in new solutions, such as how people are interacting with your payment solutions to see the uptake in paperless options. Or tracking the number of vehicles benefitting from car sharing. You can even use fuel analysis to chart an increase in EV chargers and ensure your chargers are meeting demand.

Tracking progress like this helps you to see if your efforts to be greener are working, and allows you to correct course or reassess how you’re promoting your new solutions to maximise their effectiveness.


Helping you on the road to Net Zero

There are lots of options to help make your car park greener and more environmentally friendly. The issue businesses run into is being able to find the time to implement those solutions themselves without impacting their day-to-day operations.

This is where car park management comes in.

At Parkingeye we are experts at helping businesses to take control of their car parks and transform their parking solutions without there being any extra admin to deal with. We work alongside your business, understanding what you want to achieve and the potential solutions you could benefit from. From there we provide the perfect blend of bespoke car park management solutions to help your site become more environmentally conscious.

To find out more about how we could help you to unlock the true potential of your parking get in touch using the form below.